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Math 8

Doug Ingamells, Periods 2 & 5

Unlike years past these classes are entirely populated with 8th graders. The two classes are usually on the same page and assignment, except that they have different "block" days so assignment and due dates can differ. There are two other sections of Math 8, both taught by Kerry Bayne.

PPS has decided that the first six (of twelve total) chapters in the algebra text will be part of the Math 8 curriculum. This means that Algebra 1-2 next year will start at Chapter 7, and students must complete the first six chapters before enrolling in Algebra 1-2. The district calendar has us working with a few pre-algebra topics in addition. All students in Math 8 should be in Algebra 1-2 the following year.

PPS uses standard A-F grades. In this class grades are weighted so that tests count 60% and homework/classwork counts 40%. We use the standard 90%(A), 80%(B), 70%(C), 60%(D) breakpoints.

A copy of the general information letter for this class can be found here:


Please click on the link below for a list of the planned assignments. Note that homework is not always assigned on the exact date listed.

NOTE 2/4/14: Due to widespread failure during chapters 4 & 5 27 people are repeating this material and 10 people are working through alternate material. Check with your child to find which list they should use.

repeating Ch. 4 & 5 ASSIGNMENT LIST          Kaleidoscopes ASSIGNMENT LIST

                                                                          Thinking with Mathematical Models ASSIGNMENT LIST

As of 3/31/14 all students are again working together.

Assignment list for Quarter 4

Please click on the link below for copies of the test review sheets.