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Integers:  Add/Subtract Multiply/Divide Order of Operations

Calendar of Events

Homework Calendar

(Plans posted early are subject to change.)

5/3- Day 1 of the Final

Hmwk:  STUDY
5/4- Day 2 of the Final

5/5 - Day 2/3 of the Final

Hmwk:  STUDY

5/6 - Day 3/4 of the Final

Hmwk:  STUDY
5/7 - Day 4 of the Final

No Homework
 5/10 - Thank You Cards  5/11 - Slide Show  5/12 - Play  5/13 - Play  5/14 - LAST DAY


Below is a list of learning targets for the year.  Current targets are in bold.

7.RP.1 – I can find unit rates given fractions or whole numbers.

7.RP.2 – I can identify and write equations for proportional relationships and represent them in tables, graphs & equations.

7.RP.3 – I can use proportional relationships to solve percent problems including interest, tax, and discounts.

7.NS.1 – I can add and subtract positive and negative numbers without a calculator.

7.NS.2 – I can multiply and divide with positive and negative numbers without a calculator.

7.NS.3 – I can correctly use the order of operations for problems that include fractions, decimals, whole numbers and negatives.

7.EE.1 – I can simplify expressions by combining like terms and using the distributive, associative, and commutative properties.

7.EE.2 – I can write an equivalent expression to understand a problem better and ease the ability to find a solution.

7.EE.3 – I can solve multi-step real life problems and evaluate the reasonableness of my answer.

7.EE.4 – I can solve for a variable in an equation or an inequality.

7.G.1 – I can determine if figures are similar and use scale factor to solve problems.

7.G.2 – I can draw and construct shapes with given features and determine if they can make one or more unique figures.

7.G.3 – I can describe 2D cross sections of 3D figures.

7.G.4 – I can use formulas for area and circumference of a circle to solve problems.

7.G.5 – I can use angle relationships to find missing angles.

7.G.6 – I can find area, surface area, and volume of compound shapes and figures.

7.SP.1 – I understand sampling methods and can use a sample of a population to understand the whole population.

7.SP.2 – I can use multiple samples to make predictions about a whole population.

7.SP.3 – I can use measures of center, 5 number summary, and mean absolute deviation to compare sets of data.

7.SP.4 – I can compare two populations based on their random samples.

7.SP.5 – I can describe probability as a number between 0 and 1.

7.SP.6 – I can describe the change in experimental probability and can compare it to theoretical probability and use them to find expected value.

7.SP.7 – I can develop a probability model for a situation even when the outcomes are not equally likely.

7.SP.8 – I can find probability of compound events using lists, tables, tree diagrams or area models.

Oregon has adopted the Common Core State Standards.  For the 7th CCSS Click Here.


We primarily use the Connected Math Curriculum.  For more information see the publisher's website. 

Old Calendars

4/29- Problem 2.2 (Continued)

Hmwk:  p29 #5

4/30 - Problem 2.3

Hmwk: p28 #3
5/1 - Problem 3.1

No Homework

5/2 - Problem 3.1

No Homework

5/3 - Compound Probability

Hmwk: p43 (1& 2)
5/6 - Probability Language (and, or, not)

No Homework
5/7 - Practice Handout

Hmwk:  Finish Handout
5/8 - 3.1

Hmwk: Study
5/9 - Practice Area Models

Hmwk:  Study
5/10 - Probability Test

No Homework
 5/13 - Proficiency Packets

Start Retest Review
 5/14 - Retest Review  5/15 - Retest Review  5/16 - Retest Review  5/17 - Retest

 5/20 - Review Integers

No Homework
 5/21 - Review Unit Rates & Proportions

No Homework
 5/22 - Review Similarity

No Homework
 5/23 - Review Similarity

No Homework
 5/24 - Review Algebra

No Homework
 5/27 - Memorial Day/No School  5/28 - Review Volume & Surface Area

Hmwk:  Study
 5/29 - Review Angles & Solving Equations

Hmwk:  Study
 5/30 - Review Angles & Solving Equations

Hmwk:  Study
 5/31 - Review Probability

Hmwk:  Study