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Current Event Website Options


Here are some links that I consider helpful for Current Events:

When viewing any news item, or especially a website, do so with skepticism. Remember that you don't know who made the site, where their information came from, or if they are truthful and accurate.

Ask yourself:
  • Does the person who created the article/site seem valid and informed? If yes, what about their article seems valid? If you are skeptical about their validity, why?
  • Who is the person responsible for the article or website? Try to research their background and previous experience?
  • Do they work or are connected to an organization or business that I've heard of? (for example "Yahoo" or "The Oregonian") What does that tell you if they are or are not working for a well known organization?
  • What date was this article/or website published or last updated? Is it current and can more likely be trusted, or is it outdated?
  • Are their obvious errors that cause me to question this source? (for example typos, spelling errors, basic facts are incorrect)
  • Does the source or author claim to be neutral, but is clearly missing one side of the story or perspective on the issue? Can you think of any perspectives that are missing?
  • Does the site seem to have a clear bias? Does it represent a specific opinion? Is it sided with a particular political or social agenda? Is one side’s perspective given more space or time than the others?

The Oregonian - a site for local and state news. Search by keyword for recent stories.

Portland Tribune - mostly local Portland area news. Search by author of article or keyword.

Willamette Week - Local metro-Portland news. Slanted slightly left on the political spectrum. Cover Stories good for high level current event - they are "meaty" with in depth discussion of topic.

KOIN 6 News - Channel 6 News has a easy to manuever site. Has a clear list of local news stories and national news stories.

The New York Times - National and international news. Considered a reputable and well reported newspaper. Good search engine on site.

MSN.com - National news. Somehow connected to Hotmail and NBC... all owned by the same company?

USATODAY - National news. Affiliated somehow with Yahoo?

BBC News - Very reputable international news source. Based out of London, England. Website can be viewed in 43 different languages.

Google News - The general search engine that you know and love, with a news focus.

Current Event Scoring Guide

Ideas for Current Event Extentions (In order to get a "6"):

Find a Political Cartoon on your current event issue - Click Here for a good site. Right click on the cartoon you want, copy it, and paste into a Word document.

Opinion Column that Takes a Stand on the issue of your current event

Read a Blog on the Issue

Connect the Issue Yourself (ex. personal email or family connection to the issue)

Watch the Local News or National News for a T.V. news broadcast of the issue - compare coverage

Find an Article of the Oppostive Viewpoint or a Different Angle on the issue of your current event

Use a Helpful Visual (ex. a relevent map, graph or diagram)

OR ... think of your own extention!