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Check-In Check-Out System


All students in the CB program participate in an intervention known as Check-In Check-Out, a systematic way of checking in with students throughout the day and monitoring the progress on individual goals while supporting organizational skills. The Check-In Check-Out system is designed to support study skills goals such as work initiation, completion, and organization. Each student will be assigned to an adult, who will be meeting with the student in the morning and in the afternoon, helping them set goals, and support the student with needed materials to be successful. The student's teachers along with CB Team staff will be monitoring the student's success within the general education classroom and providing specific instruction and support in the problematic areas. As the student progresses in his or her goal areas, they will move to self-monitoring their own behavior, with fewer check-ins, ultimately becoming independently successful in the general education environment. The program is set up to provide:

  • Structure and prompts that students need through the day
  • Adult written feedback through the day
  • Visual reminders of personal goals for the day
  • Data collection
  • Communication between adults at school and home

What to Expect

  • Daily behavior tracking sheets, requiring parent signatures

  • Completed planner, detailing specific assignment details if required

  • Assignment handouts, with modifications or accommodations

  • All class assignments and homework neatly filed into notebook/binder



Study Skills Class

Course Description

In study skills, students develop and strengthen their academic and organizational skills. Topics include initiating a task, independent work time, seeking out assistance, using a planner/daily agenda, time management, active listening, reading across various types of text, taking notes, highlighting, summarizing and paraphrasing main ideas, reviewing notes and materials previously covered, and managing homework.


25%     Daily Preparedness (notebook, planner, homework, novel)

25%     Participation                                                                         

30%     Using Class Time Wisely

20%     Notebook/Binder Organization