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Communication-Behavior Team

The Team CB program is for students who are included in general education classes, but benefit from support  provided by a team comprised of a special education teacher and paraeducators with expertise in social- cognitive/communication needs. Team CB supports students in general education and provides specialized instruction in organization, social communication, and work systems. Related services are integrated throughout the school day and consistent with each student’s individualized educational plan. 

Entrance Guidelines
* Students participate in general education settings with minimal adult assistance.
* Students perform at or near grade level academically.
* Students follow school routines, including transitions, with minimal adult assistance.
* Students manage their sensory needs during the school day with minimal adult assistance.
* Students express their needs in a socially-appropriate manner, but still need assistance with social communication.
* Students follow directions and stay on task with minimal adult assistance but may need assistance with regulation and organizational skills.

Exit Guidelines
* Students use strategies to manage social problem-solving and social-communication without team support.
* Students use self-management and organizational skills without team support.
* Students’ support needs can be met through a learning resource center at neighborhood school.

1 special educator, 2 paraeducators

Academic Curriculum
*Provided by general education teachers (supplemental curriculum and modifications provided as needed).

         *Individualized and small group instruction provided in accordance to IEP goals.