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Math Resource Page...
Check out the awesome page of resources that Katie the counselor put together:

Math Lab at daVinci...

The "math lab" is a place where students can get help on homework and/or get answers to any general math questions they have.  The lab can also be used as a place to just sit and do your work, with someone nearby in case you needed help.  Please have a task in mind when you come to the lab.  Friends of math lab students are not allowed to come in and "linger" while waiting for their friend to finish their math.

2014-15 Math Lab:
Currently the math lab is open... Every Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday from 3:00-4:00pm (In the library)

Looking for a tutor???

The University of Portland has many education majors that are willing to do tutoring on the side!  Many parents in the community are able to find great tutors this way!

What to do (info from UofP):
If parents are interested in hiring a University of Portland student as a tutor, please have parents send an email requesting a tutor to Kathleen Staten, the office manager.  Be sure to include hours, days, subject, etc.  She will then forward the request on to all of the education majors.
Kathleen's email is: staten@up.edu

Other available resources to help out...

The book Math on Call is a great general mathematics resource guide (ISBN# 0669508195).  It is basically a math dictionary that provides a short description on any topic/term and also an example.  It's a good resource just to have around the house.

The website Khan Academy (www.khanacademy.org) is a great website!  Go to the site, fine the topic that you're working on or struggling with and then watch a virtual lesson on the topic!  It is narrated by the person doing the work and you get to watch the problem being done, with step by step explanations, right before your eyes!  A very valuable resource when in need of extra help!

For students using the Algebra Connections text - you can get online help by following these steps:
1. Go to www.cpm.org
2. On the left-hand side of the page, under Student Support, click on "Homework Help"
3. On the next page, find the picture of your math book and click on your particular book's cover
4. From there, select the appropriate chapter, section number, and then the Review/Preview problem you need help on!

Algebra Connections Parent Guides...
can be found here: http://www.cpm.org/parents/pguides5.htm
...plus lots more valuable information!
**These guides are super helpful for students too!