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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials will my child need for class?

Students need the following items WITH THEM, IN-CLASS, EVERYDAY:  pencils, red pen, highlighter, calculator, ruler or protractor, loose-leaf paper (preferably graph paper), and a math journal.  Math journals are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!  Our curriculum does not have processes and formulas.  Students should have those in their math journals to help with homework, study for tests, and show you what they're learning.  Math journals should be sturdily bound graph paper and should only be used for math class.

How will my child be graded?

Every student's grade reflects how much of the required content (targets/standards) they know and how well they understand and can use them.  Every assignment/project/test in my class is aligned and labeled with a target and a level that reflects its level of difficulty.  Scores are then given in relation to that target and level.

1- Novice (Doesn't get it.) = 20%

2- Working Towards Proficiency (Starting to get it.) = 40%

3- Nearly Proficient (Almost gets it.) = 60%

4- Proficient (Gets it.) = 80%

5- Highly Proficient (Shows Deep Conceptual Understanding) = 100%

What should my child do when they miss class?

If students are ill, then they should recover.  When they are well, they should come in before school upon their return to see if they missed notes or crucial instruction.  Students who are out for appointments or pullouts need to find out the homework by either checking the class website, with me, or a reliable friend and have it completed and ready to turn in upon their return to class.

What happens if my child doesn't complete their homework?

I do not accept late work.  Students should work to the best of their ability on their homework and bring it to class the day it's due.   Students are not graded on work they have not done.  If the work is not done on time there is no penalty, they just cannot use it in their collection of evidence and may need to complete other pieces of work to replace it. 

How can my child raise their grade?
Students are responsible for tracking their progress on proficiency trackers.  At any time they can ask for additional work to replace low scores.   For high achieving and TAG students who want to show deeper understanding, I can help them find ways to do so.  If students can show growth beyond a test score they've earned, they can take an alternate assessment to show that growth and replace the previous test score.  Students should self-advocate and challenge themselves to always improve.  The most important skill in moving towards higher achievement is communication with me.