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Parent Volunteer Opportunities

I’m curious to know if you’re interested in volunteering some of your valuable time in our class. Simply mark any of the opportunities below that interest you or you’d like more information about and I will contact you. Also, please print your name and your child’s name on the spaces provided. Please include a telephone number and/or e-mail address as well. Please, return to Ms. Wasson by Friday, September 17.

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration.

_____ Reading - Book groups are the best way to volunteer in my class. Students are grouped and read a common novel for a period of fourweeks. The volunteer commitment to these groups is only once a week for one half hour. Discussions revolve around story plot, character analysis, prediction, and student’s connections to and opinions about the book. Please consider this opportunity. The groups are much more successful when a parent is involved. If interested or if you’d like more information, please visit my web site, there you will find dates and times for group meetings. You will also get more detailed information about the groups and expectations.

_____ Editing - Students write on a regular basis in my core. I would like to have parents come in and help students edit their papers occasionally. Your editing talents will be much appreciated by our students because they often feel uncomfortable asking their own parents to edit their work—too many battles over grammar and spelling, but they still value an adult’s opinion. When the opportunity arises and time allows, I will include a plea of assistance in my weekly electronic newsletter.

_____ Volunteer Coordinator - There are times when I need assistance finding volunteer help for field trips, classroom projects, book group volunteers, etc., and I don’t always have the time to plan the activities and find volunteers to assist in their success. I’m hoping one or two parents would be willing to be a “room parent” of sorts when these needs occur. This usually involves a bit of e-mailing and/or phone calling. Please, let me know if you have a flair with persuasion.

_____ Auction Project Helpers - da Vinci, like most schools, has an annual auction. Each core class participates by creating wonderful pieces of art to contribute. These projects often require a good deal of parent support. Parents can donate supplies, run errands, build or construct objects, and/or volunteer their time to work directly with students on their project. Sometimes parents even come up with spectacular ideas and I run with them. Whatever your talent or curiosity is to help, I need you.

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