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Each year, when the plays are appropriate for middle schoolers, Ms. Wasson takes 30 da Vinci students and three to four chaperones (parents and/or staff) down to Ashland to attend three plays, their prologues and an interactive workshop. We travel by commercial bus and we lodge in one of Ashland's local hostels.

Applications for this trip will be available in the office November 30. Completed applications (with teachers' and parent signatures) are due back to the office DECEMBER 14. NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

This year's trip dates are March 2 - 5. The fee for this year's trip is $260. This covers the cost of all three plays and prologues, a design workshop, transportation, lodging, and four meals. Some partial scholarships are available for students on the free/reduced lunch program here at school.

I will need three to four adult chaperones. My preference is to have two female and one male chaperone. The fee for chaperones is the same as for students.

If we receive more than 30 applications a lottery will determine who will attend. Preference will be given to 8th graders (15 slots, assuming we receive that many applications). Approximately ten slots will go to 7th graders and five to 6th graders. This breakdown is due to the mature content that some of the plays contain.

Students need to be in good standing academically (and effort must be at least 90%) and have no behavior referrals (this means from the minute they turn in their application to the day we depart for Ashland). The midterm is at the end of January and teachers have been informed to alert Ms. Wasson if anyone on the trip needs to stay behind due to midterms or behavior issues. If a student loses their spot on the trip, Ms. Wasson will contact the next student on the waiting list.

This year's shows will be: Shakespeare's Measure for Measure, Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird & Moliere's The Imaginary Invalid.

If you have further questions, please contact Ms. Wasson (swasson@pps.net) or Connie in the office.