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Wish List

 Our needs for the beginning of the school year:

  • Index cards!!  Multiple colors!! We need millions! We use them for making note cards for vocab and www.
  • modern magazines to cut up for a social studies project about American culture
  • Lined paper for classroom use
  • hand-held pencil sharpeners


In Room 300 we can always use:

- School supplies such as paper (lined and printer), index cards, pencils, pens, scissors, glues sticks, colored pencils, rulers, and markers.

- Highlighters of all colors - yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, pink...

- Books! New or used young adult literature (or any level, really) for our borrowing library.

- Brita water filters! Students (and teacher) are snobs when it comes to water. Having a Brita pitcher in the room to filter the school's tap water keeps everyone hydrated!

- Educational board games (Apples to Apples, Pictionary, etc.) I have plenty of Scrabble games! Thank you!

- Recent Newspapers! The Oregonian is longer supplying schools with free papers. ANY newspaper (up to a week old) is welcome - Oregonian, New York Times, USA Today, etc.

- Your time! Lead a literature circle, help edit student writing in class, or share your expertise in your field!

I wish that all cats and dogs could exist in harmony like Hobbes and Barley.