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On-line Grade book

Access grades on-line! See an updated list of missing assignments! All this and more...

  • Step 1 - Give your e-mail address to Myers. (A form went home the first day of school or just e-mail him!)
  • Step 2 - Go to www.teacherease.com to login.
  • Step 3 - You should have an e-mail from Myers with your login e-mail and password. Click "Login" to sign in with this password.

To access a student's scores click on "Student Progress Update." You can view a list of missing work and grades for all assignments in that class, as well as a total grade for that class. If you want a detailed list of grades and assignments, just click on the total score for any class. You should get a list of all the assignments for that class with the total possible points (6) followed by the score earned. All assignments are graded on the 6 point scale. The on-line grade book translates those into percentages then converts them back into a grade from 1-6.

You can see a list of all upcoming assignments as well as past assignments by clicking on - you guessed it - "Assignments."

I will try to update the progress of each assignment on the due date so that you can know on that day whether or not the assignment was turned in. I will try to have the grades for that assignment posted by the time the grace period ends (one week after the due date). Bigger assignments might take longer than the one week to get posted.