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Doug Ingamells, period 4

The single Geometry class at da Vinci currently has 32 students, all 8th graders.

PPS uses standard A-F grades. In this class grades are weighted so that tests count 67% and homework/classwork counts 33%. We use the standard 90%(A), 80%(B), 70%(C), 60%(D) breakpoints.

Assignments must be completed on time. If a student has an excused absence they should stay current with class work and homework and turn it in when they return to class. I do grant some flexibility where extended absences are concerned, but students who are behind the rest of the class are seriously at risk of failure.

A copy of the general information letter for this class can be found here: CLASS INFORMATION

Please click on the link below for a list of the planned assignments. Note that homework is not always assigned on the exact date listed. 


Link here to access the TEST REVIEWS.