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Welcome new and returning students and families! 


What Does Your Student Need?

As the school year begins, please make sure your student has the supplies needed to start the year off right. Organization will be a key component to the curriculum in Study Skills and supports throughout the day, however organization begins with having the proper supplies. If you have questions, or are not able to acquire the school supplies needed, please contact me.




-A notebook or binder- for some students a folder with multiple pockets may make it easier to manage the various classes

-At least 3 dividers (Math, Science, and Core)

-At least one folder (we will use it as a "homework" folder)

-Pencils and Pens

-2 highlighters


-Notebook paper

-Many students will benefit from a thumb or flash drive in order to save work. 

*Teachers may require additional supplies as the year begins- please check with the various teachers