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Kerry Bayne - Math 7, Math 8, Compacted II

Welcome to Ms. Bayne's fabulous world of math!

Contact Information:
If you need to contact me, email is always the best method:

If you're a student and you need to schedule a time to get some help, look under the "calendars" tab to see what days are available.  If you're a parent and you'd like to schedule a time to meet, please email. 
Thanks! :)

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To view assignments and homework click on "calendars" under my name on the left hand side of the page!

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Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year...

We are still using an online grade book.  You will have the ability to log in and view your student's assignments and grades at your leisure!  It is my expectation that families will use this resource as their first means of checking up on their student(s).  After that, I will gladly answer any questions.  My online grade book will be updated, at minimum, every Friday afternoon - but likely more often - so you will always have a current grade and view of your student's progress.  I do also send out reports and updates via the grading program.  In order for these to reach you, please ensure that your correct email address is in the online grade book.

Also, there have been some changes in my procedures and policies.  Please read below.  Specific changes for this school year will be highlighted in yellow, like so.

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A few other tidbits...

  • There is always an 8th grade trip at the end of the year.  If you have a D or F in math, I will place you on the "not able to attend" list for that trip.
  • Receiving high school Algebra credit:  In order to receive high school credit and move on to geometry when taking my Compacted II class you must end the year with a minimum of a B average AND pass the final test that will be given in June.

Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about assignments, quizzes, & tests...

The following is pretty lengthy, but VERY informative!  ...so, before you ask, make sure you read below to see if your question is answered.

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First and foremost, there is NO CRYING OVER MATH!!!  Words to live by - whatever it is, it's not worth crying over, so let's save those tears for something more worthwhile! 

The object of any educational setting is to learn, so in that respect, there will be many opportunities for learning in our classroom.  Mainly, learning from your mistakes ...and, most importantly, learning how to not make them again!

Math is definitely a process, and like with anything else, it takes lots and lots of practice to master this process.  That's where HOMEWORK comes in!

  • Will there be homework? ...yes.
  • Will it count towards your grade? ...yes.
  • Is it a BIG part of your grade? ...no.
  • What if you miss an assignment, will you fail? ...probably not.
  • Can you turn an assignment in late? ...yes (with conditions).

Homework Policy:
1.  ALL work in my class MUST be done in pencil!  If an assignment is done in anything other than pencil, no credit will be given!  ...no exceptions.
This rule holds true for tests and quizzes as well.

2.  Homework is due the next classroom day after it is assigned (with the exception of big projects).

3.  If you are absent on a day that you're supposed to turn in an assignment, it is due the day you return.  It is your job to remember to show me the assignment.

4.  If you are absent on the day something is assigned, you are excused from the assignment (with the exception of projects, tests, and quizzes).
"What, I don't have to do the assignment?"  ...nope, you are more than welcome to do the assignment if you want, but I will mark it "excused" in my grade book otherwise.
Note: Not having to do the assignment is very different from not having to know the material!  If you're absent, it's always a good idea to at least look over what the rest of the class did and make sure you know how to do it.  It's also a good idea to ask a classmate if there were any important notes while you were gone.  And, don't forget, you can always look up the assignment on my online calendar to see what we did on the day you were absent!

5.  Being in a pull-out is not the same as being absent!  If you miss math class due to a pull-out, performance, field trip, etc. you are still responsible for getting the assignment and doing the work in the same timeframe as your classmates.

6.  Homework assignments will be entered into my grade book in one of two ways:
1 - If the assignment is fully done, with all work shown, you will get a "1," indicating to me that the assignment was complete (this includes neatly numbering all of your problems and also having the assigned problems and date written at the beginning of the assignment).
0 - If the assignment is not done, or does not meet the above requirements, you will get an "0" in the grade book, indicating that the assignment is incomplete.  This will result in you having an F for that assignment.  These assignments will not necessarily show up as "missing" when you view the online gradebook due to the way they are entered.  (See below regarding the cutoff for turning assignments in.)

A few answers to "frequently asked homework questions"...

  • Your "homework" is really an assignment that must include all of the work that we did during class!  The "classwork" portion serves as helpful notes and examples for you when you attempt to try the problems at home by yourself.
  • Homework will not be "collected," just marked off, so it is best to do all of your work in a spiral notebook or composition book.  This keeps everything in one place and also in chronological order!
  • You will know that you have been given credit for your assignment when I put a stamp on it!  (Red stamps = on time, blue stamps = turned in after the original due date... no stamp = no credit!)
  • There will be times when homework is assigned, but we might not have enough time to mark it off!
    "Oh my gosh, I did this work, but I'm not getting credit for it???"  That's right! ...but, remember, you did it as practice so that you can get the process down!  Even if we don't have time to put it in the grade book, we'll always go over the answers and have time for questions.
  • When I mark off assignments, it is always for effort and not correctness.  I will mark off your assignment before we go over the answers.  Then, it is your job to follow along and correct your assignment as we go over it and ask questions when necessary.
    This means that you could have gotten all of the answers wrong, but still get credit for the assignment!  What's important to me is that you really tried to do the work!  Not everyone "gets it" on the first try, and that's ok! :)  ...but, now you have the correct answers, can ask questions, and go back and figure out how to do the problem correctly!
  • If you find that you're stumped on something when attempting to do your homework at home, you need to write what your question is in your spiral.  For example, instead of simply leaving the space blank, write "what does combined area mean" or "how do I find the perimeter" ...or something similar, so that when you come to school the next day, you remember what it was that was causing you trouble!
  • The typical homework assignment should generally take you no longer than 30-45 minutes - assuming that you were paying attention in class, have your classwork/notes to refer back to, and are doing your assignment in a non-distracting environment.
  • Since each assignment (with the exception of projects) is only worth one point in my grade book, there is no markdown for late assignments!  Just remember all of the requirements to get a "1," otherwise the score will remain an "0" (incomplete). 
  • If you do not have your assignment completed when I mark them off in class, you cannot make up that assignment (turning it in finished and complete) until the next day (or after school that same day).  The reason for this is so that you are paying attention to the new material in class and not ignoring it just to continue working on your assignment.
    Note: Late assignments cannot be turned in during lunch - after school, by 3:15pm, only!
  • Although there is no penalty for a late assignment, there are conditions and cutoff dates regarding how late the assignment can be.  The situations include the following:
    1.  You only have until the end of each week to turn in missing work from that week!  For example, if you missed turning in Tuesday night's homework, it must be turned in by 3:00pm on Friday of that same week in order for it to be counted.  After that, it cannot be turned in.
    2.  If we're approaching the end of a quarter, I will set a cutoff date for assignments.
    3.  If we're ending a book/chapter and moving on to a new one, which means the old book will no longer be available to you, the cutoff date for assignments from that book will be the day of the test. (meaning if the test is on Weds, the cutoff date for that week's assignments will be Weds., not Friday)
    4.  You can only turn in one late assignment per week! (this does not include late work due to absences)
  • No electronic submissions of work will be accepted!  ...I want all work turned in by you, in the flesh!  If you're absent/sick, don't make a special trip in to get me the work, take care of it when you return to school.

Now that you've learned all this new information in class and on your assignments, it's time to take a QUIZ!

"Eek!  I'm not good at quizzes.  What if I don't do well or don't like the score I got, can I retake it?"  ...you can do corrections.

Quiz Correction Policy:
(Note: items are not listed in any particular order, but must ALL be met)

1.  You must keep your original quiz and turn it in with your corrections.

2.  Your "corrections" need to be shown on a separate piece of paper.  (A nice, whole piece of paper, with no ripped holes or "ruffled" edges!)

3.  For each item/question that you neatly correct, you need to write the problem number, show the correct math work, and also include a sentence or two explaining either what you did wrong the first time around and how you fixed it - OR - how you know that your new answer is the correct answer.

4.  You have to complete at least one "help session."
"What if I just made simple mistakes and don't really need help?"  ...you can use your help session to sit and work on your corrections. :)
"Why do I have to come in for the help session if I don't need help?"  ...in order for you to be able to earn the opportunity to correct your quiz, you owe some time, which is why you have to come in!  Plus, it's the perfect time to sit and work on your corrections even if you don't need my help.
Note: Help sessions can be completed after school in the "math lab," as long as the lab is up and running.  Make sure you have the math lab tutor sign and date your corrections.
Depending on my schedule, it is also possible to schedule a help session after school on a day that the math lab is not open.
There will be no help sessions during lunch.

When you come in for your help session, please have specific questions ready to ask regarding what you missed on your quiz and/or what you need help on!

Help session alternative - you may do your corrections at home if you get help from a parent, tutor, etc.  Just be sure that you have the person helping you sign and date your corrections, and also write the amount of time spent on the corrections on your paper.

5.  Once you've decided you want to do quiz corrections, you must see me to get a "quiz corrections" stamp on your quiz.  I will then stamp a purple stamp on your paper, which will also remind you to get your corrections signed before turning them in if your help session is completed with someone other than myself.

6.  Quiz corrections will only be accepted until the day of the test on that particular unit.

*If your quiz corrections do not meet the above requirements, they will not be accepted!
(Note: You cannot make up bonus/extra credit questions.)

What about TESTS??

After every test, you will fill out a "Test Tracking Sheet."  this tracking sheet will have the point and percentage score that you got on each section/topic of the test.  After calculating these scores, you can decide if you'd like to retest on any of the sections of the test.  You may retest on just one section, two, three, or even all of them!
You will also be able to set some goals for yourself on the tracking sheet, as well as decide how you're going to prepare for your retest.

Retesting Policy:
1.  Everyone will fill out a test tracking sheet - even if you know you're not going to retest.

2.  You do not get to take your test home with you!  I will keep all tests, as well as your tracking sheets.  The only thing that leaves the room with you is a copy of your tracking sheet.  This will serve as a guide for what topics you need to study if you choose to retest.
Note: Since there is no copy machine in our classroom, you will not get a copy of your tracking sheet to take home that same day.  You will get it the next day in class. 

3.  If you are retesting, you will have five set times in which to choose from to take your retest.  The dates and times available will be listed on your test tracking sheet, as well as in the "important deadlines" section on my Calendar page.  These retests will be offered in a combination of after school and lunch time slots.  If you retest after school, you will have until 4:10 to complete your retest on that day.  If you retest during lunch, you will only have the length of the lunch period, so be sure and arrive in a timely manner.  Retests must be completed in one sitting.
Note: Retests cannot be done in the math lab.

4.  If you are choosing to use a lunch time slot for your retest, you need to remember that there is less time available during lunch.  It is highly suggested that you come directly to my room after fourth period, with your lunch, so that you can get started on your test.  If you need to get hot lunch from the cafeteria, you will need to have a pass from me to bring that lunch upstairs.  Please get a pass ahead of time; they will not be written at lunch on the day of.

5.  You are only allowed one retest.

(Note: You cannot make up bonus/extra credit questions.)
(*I will keep all original tests throughout the year for conferencing purposes, but you will have the option to take them all home with you at the end of the year if you'd like.)

Information regarding how Retests and Quiz Corrections will be represented in the gradebook:
If you retest or correct a quiz, your changed score will be represented in the gradebook by using a decimal system.  For example,

Student A took a test and received 22 out of 30 as their score.  When they retested their score increased to a 25.  In the gradebook their score will now be represented as 25.103  ...the 25 is the new score, and the .1 is showing you that their score went up, and the .003 shows you that it went up 3 points.

What if you retested but your score went down?  You will of course receive the higher score, but to represent your effort on the retest, your score will show like this...
Student B also received 22 out of 30.  They retested but didn't prepare and they received a 20 on their retest.  Their score in the gradebook will be represented as 22.002  ...the 22 was the original, higher score, there is no .1, but instead a .0 meaning the score DID NOT increase and the .002 shows that for the retest, the score went down 2 points.

Feel free to email/ask if you have any specific questions once retest scores begin being posted! :)

    *        *        *        *        *        *        *

Whew ...that was a lot!  But, I know there's always a question about EXTRA CREDIT.  Usually, every test and quiz has a question or two that you can earn bonus points on.  When you take bonus points, and combine them with the fact that you can do corrections on quizzes and take retests, I don't really think that extra credit is necessary!  So, to answer your question - no, there are no extra credit sheets or assignments.

Also, you can use NOTES on all tests and quizzes that I give in class.  We'll talk in class about how you should keep your notes packet, but as long as you have it with you in class, you can use it!  There will be times in class when we'll all take notes together, but most of the time it will be up to you to decide what you need to put in your notes! - a definition, steps to do a problem, or maybe even an example or problem from your homework.  Many students have found it helpful to have a separate place to keep their notes, like a mini spiral notebook!

And, last but not least, CALCULATORS are always okay! :)  In fact, everyone should have their own calculator with them every time they come to class.  The best type to have would be a scientific one (Casio or Texas Instruments are good brands), but even a basic four function calculator from the Dollar Tree is better than nothing.
Please note, phones will not be accepted as calculators - you need to bring an actual calculator with you to class.

    *        *        *        *        *        *        *

Alright, after all that, if you still have questions or need clarification on something, be sure to ask me! :) 

    *        *        *        *        *        *        *

Student needs, whether it be TAG or Special Education, are already being met based on leveled math placement.  Additionally, within the class, specific needs are met based on groupings, preferential seating, and individual modifications, as needed.  The above mentioned processes for homework, quizzes, tests, and use of notes & calculators also help to meet the needs of all learners.
The limit on late assignments may be waived if addressed in individual IEPs.

daVinci Grading Scale

A+    100-97%            A    93-96%            A-    90-92%
B+      89-87%            B    83-86%            B-    80-82%
C+      79-77%           C    73-76%            C-    70-72%
D+      69-67%           D    63-66%            D-    60-62%
F        59% and below

Please note: Although there are + and - listed for each letter grade above they will likely not show on each student's report card.  The grade that you see in the online gradebook and on report cards will simply show A, B, C, D, or F.  You can look at the specific percentage of the grade to be aware that the student is either high within that percentage range (+) and possibly about to achieve the next higher grade, or that the student is at risk of their grade slipping down to a lower grade (-).