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Elaine Ko

Description of Learning Center/ Special Education Services

  • IEP implementation and coordination
  • Individual and/or small group instruction in IEP goal areas (e.g. reading, writing, math and study skills).
  • Academic support provided in the Learning Center and some general education classes. The pull-out or in-class support will depend on IEP service time and scheduling variations.
  • Consultation with general education teachers to support implementation of accommodations and modifications, class curriculum and assignment completion.
  • Consultation with itinerant special education staff (i.e. School Psychologist, Speech/Language Pathologist, Physical Therapist. Occupational Therapist, Adapted P.E. , Assistive Technology and Autism Specialist

Learning Center/Study Skills Classroom

Students attend this class daily (replaces an elective class). This class is designed to provide your child instruction in the subject areas outlined in your child's IEP and to provide class time and assistance on daily homework and daily assignments. Additionally, students work on goal setting for work completion, planner use, and organization. Grading will be based on skill development and effort.

Learning Objectives:

  • develop new study habits and methods for work completion (e.g. test taking skills, textbook use, outlining, note taking, planner use)
  • develop new skills and habits for appropriate classroom behavior
  • learn to utilize technology for keyboarding, research and writing needs
  • improve writing skills in the areas of ideas and content, organization, word choice, sentence fluency and conventions (based on IEP goals)
  • improve reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension (based on IEP goals)
  • improve basic math skills in the areas of computation and math problem solving (based on IEP goals)

Classroom Expectations:

  • Come to class on time
  • Be prepared with needed materials
  • Be respectful of yourself and others
  • Stay on task and always try your best

Resources for home use:

Math on Call
A Mathematics Handbook
Great Source Education Group

Everything You Need to Know About Math A Desk Reference for Students and Parents
by Anne Zeman and Kate Kelly
Scholastic Reference.

Write Source 2000 A Guide to Writing Thinking & Learning
by Patrick Sebranek, Vern Meyer, Dave Kemper
Great Source Education