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This page was most recently updated on: 11/15/2013

On this page you can find links to my Math 7, Math 8, and Algebra classes. Assignment lists, if they are ready, are available there. Please note that the pre-planned dates on the assignments are approximate and will be updated only occasionally. Don't assume that because a particular date doesn't show an assignment that there is definitely not an assignment on that day.

PPS has changed their online grade program this year, to Synergy. If you have not yet logged in your login information has been changed and you will need to retrieve the new information. Once you have your login information you may look up your student to see scores and grades as soon as any teacher enters them. I try to get the assignments listed a week in advance so you may see what will be due during the coming week as well as work already recorded. One significant change from the old GradeBook system is that you will be able to retrieve your login info online.



Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (OAKS)

Standardized testing is a sure-fire way to enhance learning; just ask any politician or bureaucrat. Students will have only two testing opportunities, and if they acquire a score which meets the benchmark the first time they will not be allowed to take the test a second time even if their score goes down from the previous year. If they do not meet the benchmark the first time they will take the test a second time. The math tests are scheduled for mid-March and early May. You may legally opt out of this process. Next year the Oregon Department of Education is planning to implement a new, much more demanding test. Please contact them with your concerns.



Doug Ingamells's email (preferred method): dingamells@pps.net
voice mail: 503-916-3600 ext. 79116

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Math 7

Math 8

Algebra 1-2