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Scrip Program

You buy Scrip gift cards at face value and
the business donates a percentage to daVinci!

A great way to support da Vinci School is to use Scrip to buy groceries, meals and retail items. No extra spending required – just use Scrip gift cards for your purchases at the grocery store/retailer/restaurant instead of using cash/check or credit/debit.

How to Buy Scrip:

Scrip Order Form - Use this form to order from the full spectrum of scrip available. Choose what you want on the order form and return with payment to the da Vinci office by Tuesday at 8:30 am. Your order will be available on Thursday afternoon. You can pick it up in the office or have it delivered to your child in their last class of the day.

Grocery Scrip Pre-Order Form  - Use this for to pre-order grocery scrip and have it delivered automatically to your student or available for pick up in the office

Both scrip forms are also available in the rack outside the office.

You can purchase scrip every Friday at dismissal (outside in nice weather, inside when cold/raining) .  Scrip we keep on hand to sell at these times are listed at the bottom of this page.

Got questions about scrip? Contact our scrip team: davinciartsscrip@gmail.com

We keep the following cards on hand to at the scrip table on Fridays at dismissal or at special da Vinci events:

Grocery:                                 Restaurant                            Other   
Fred Meyer $50 & $100        Pizzacato $10                    Amazon $25 & $100
Safeway $50 & $100           Staccato Gelato $2.75         Powells $10
Albertsons $100                 Starbucks $10 & $25            Regal Cinemas $9 & $15
New Seasons $50 & $100                                            Washman $4
Whole Foods $50