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Site Council

Background and Duties

The da Vinci Site Council was established pursuant to the Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century (the Act) for the purpose of helping improve student achievement.  In compliance with the Act, Site Council membership is made up of the principal and a classified staff representative, elected faculty representatives, and elected parent representatives. 

Duties of the Site Council include:

·         Focusing on improving student achievement.

·         Developing and contributing to da Vinci’s school improvement plan.

·         Improving the school’s instructional program.

·         Developing plans to improve the professional growth of the school’s staff.

·         Administering grants-in-aid for the professional development of teachers and classified school district employees.

·         Fostering family involvement at da Vinci.

The da Vinci Middle School Site Council usually meets on the third Tuesday of each month of the school year starting at 3:30 p.m.  Meetings are held in the conference room next to the main office on the second floor of the school.   Meetings, which are held in compliance with Oregon’s Open Meeting Law, are open to the public. Meetings dates for the 2014-2015 school year are as follows:

September 16th      October 21st      November 18th      December 16th
January 20th           February 17th    March 17th            April 21st              May 19th

Site Council members for da Vinci are elected to serve a two year term.  Nomination forms for parent slots are in the opening day packet. Ballots will be in the Scroll the 2nd week of school and are due back on Back to School Night.  Current Site Council members and their contact information is provided below. We are in the process of reviewing our bylaws.

Current members:

Fred Locke, Principal                               fwlocke@pps.net  
Alicia McMillen, Asst Principal                  amcmillen@pps.net
Connie Cheifetz, Community Liaison        conniec@pps.net
Katie Loewen, Counselor                         kloewen@pps.net

Greg Greenway, parent                           gdgreenway@yahoo.com
Karl Hausafus, parent                              hausafus@comcast.net

Johanna Blackford, parent                       johanna.blackford@gmail.com

Brooke Waxman, student
Oscar Clark, Student