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After School Activities

After School Options 2015-16


Most of these options are fee based and for the most part, they are not run by da Vinci staff. They are offered by community organizations, parents, neighbors and alumni!  


Fees are paid to the instructor or the organization, not to da Vinci, so a separate check is needed for each class/activity. 

Student Resource Room Everyday before and after school the computer lab in room 106 is open for students to use. There are computers for research, etc. and a printer. 7:45-8:15 am and 3:00-3:30 pm

Math Tutoring in the Library
Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3:00-4:00 - Students can drop in as need to help from peer & adult helpers

Audition only after school activities:


What is it? Trogdor is da Vinci's after-school rock band!
What does Trogdor do?  Trogdor will learn a few songs to rock da Vinci's stage at the music concert and a few talent shows. Gigs outside the da Vinci universe are also possible. 
How do students join? Audition times will be announced through the morning bulletin during school. Students who are interested in auditioning should prepare a song to perform and bring all necessary equipment to perform to your audition (we have a drum set and a piano available). 

Rehearsals take place on Wednesdays from 3:15-4:30pm.

Destino dance team
One of the many amazing opportunities our school provides is the destino dance team. We are a competitive dance team which has ranked in the top 4 in the state for the the past 2 years. We encourage dancers of all ages and skill levels to come try out. Bring your LOVE for dance and join our fun Dance Team family. No experience necessary. Hope to see you all there! Application packets are available in the school office or by email. Questions or concerns - Coach BeverLee Destinodanceteam@gmail.com (503)349-5015 You can also find us on Facebook. Destino Dance Team


Clubs- FREE

Black Student Union (BSU)  A supportive place for our African American students to bond with each other, explore who they are and the world around them. It will include field trips, guest speakers,  Black history and academic strategies. Check the google calendar on the main page for dates.

Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA) 1 x month Late opening Wednesdays from 3-4 pm in room #207. All are welcome to attend. Staff Sponsors: Katie Loewen (kloewen@pps.net) and Erin Savage (esavage@pps.net)

da Vinci Chess Club Wednesdays from 3:00 pm to 4:30 

Weekly Classes


Ukulele Choir 

Offered by Musik Haus www.musikhaus.com 503-460-0780; 971-235-9858
A fun way to learn new songs and make music with friends! Classes offer a chance to perform modern and classic songs. The sessions will culminate in a concert for friends & family! 


da Vinci Coders NEW


Room 106

Started January 26th, but others can join! FREE
da Vinci dad & free lance computer coder Richard Ames is in the Resource Center (room 106) from 3:30-5:00 pm each Monday sharing his knowledge with students! Check out the da Vinci Coders page here.


Spanish Language


Room 208

Offered by Kids Like Languages 

Language classes introduce students to foreign languages, improve their language skills, develop an appreciation of other cultures, and begin to prepare students for the foreign language requirement at graduation. Our curriculum fulfills students’ needs and responds to parents’ requests. Experienced instructors teach through drama, art, music, games, every-day situations, and repetition. They keep it lively and fun. Curriculum emphasizes conversation and occasional short homework assignments. Class size Minimum of 10 students, maximum of 20.

Registration Form


da Vinci Chess Club  JOIN ANY TIME


Room 302
If you have a gener
al understanding of the game, please come and join us – we will accommodate a variety of skill levels. This season we will compete in at least one chess tournament. 




Interested in Aikido? Please contact Hugh Russell at (808) 639-0684. We need 7 to 10 students for this class to make it happen. The class will take place at Bridgetown Aikido, just two blocks from the school on 28th and NE Flanders.

da Vinci Jazz Ensemble


Da Vinci’s new music teacher Mark Gerolami will be leading an after school jazz ensemble all instruments welcome, but you need to be able to read music. Students will perform in the da Vinci Music Concert on December 19th. For more information contact Mark at mgerolami@pps.net