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Structure of the Day

Our school day runs from 8:30 - 3:00. Students are expected to arrive before that time so that when the bell rings at 8:30 they are in their 1st period class, ready to focus. (Students arriving before 8:15 am are welcome to be in the cafeteria. The back doors off the parking lot are open from 7:30 on. At 8:15 am they can move about the building.)

da Vinci now follows a 6-period/55-minute class schedule every day of the week, except on occasions when we have a special schedule for a specific event or activity. Students experience the same 6 classes in the same sequence all five days of the week, with 3 classes in the morning, three in the afternoon, and a 30 minute lunch / recess time. The extra 5 minutes in first period is for sharing the Daily Bulletin in class to keep our students informed about events, opportunities, and community hot topics.

All students each have one of these classes a day: 
- English Language Arts (ELA) 
- Mathematics
- Science
- Social Studies 
The two other classes students have are either Arts classes or a combination of Arts and Study Skills, based on the student's needs and interests. Many Arts classes are mixed 6th-8th grade. ELA, Science, and Social Studies for our 7th and 8th graders are also mixed-upper grade sections.

A sample student schedule looks like this:

8:30-9:30         1st period       Math 7

9:34-10:29       2nd period      Drama Explore

10:33-11:28      3rd period      ELA

11:32-12:02    Lunch & Recess

12:07-1:02    4th period         Science

1:06-2:01      5th period         3D Art

2:05-3:00       6th period        Social Studies

The third Wednesday of most months is a district Late Opening day for staff to engage in professional development together. On those days classes start at 10:30 and follow an abbreviated class period schedule.
It's a good idea to note these in your calendar as you will want to remember kiddos should arrive to school just before class at about 10:15 on Late Opening days. Late Opening lunch is from 11:53 - 12:23, and dismissal is the same as always - 3:00 pm 

2015-16 Late Opening Days:
September 16
October 14
NO November Late Opening
December 16
January 20
February 17
March 16
April 20
May 18

Click this link to view our STUDENT EXPECTATIONS for school spaces outlines and the Be Safe, Be Fair, Be Friendly guidelines we follow at da Vinci. If your child missed the actual Expectation Rotation during the first weeks of school, please review it with them!