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Structure of the Day

Our school day runs from 8:15 - 2:45. Students are expected to arrive before that time so that when the bell rings at 8:15 they are in their 1st period class, ready to focus. (Students arriving before 8:00 am are welcome to be in the cafeteria. At 8:00 am they can move about the building.)

Da Vinci is now on a modified block schedule. This means 3 days a week (Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays) the day is divided into 8 sections -- 7 learning periods and a 30 minute period for lunch / recess.  On these days three periods are devoted to LA/SS core, one to math, one to science and two periods each day are spent in arts classes.

A sample student schedule looks like this:

8:30-9:20         1st period       Math 3

9:24- 10:11       2nd period       LA/SS (core)

10:15-11:02      3rd period       LA/SS (core)

11:06-11:53    4th period       LA/SS (core)

11:57-12:27    Lunch & Recess

12:31-1:18      5th period      Textiles

1:21-2:09       6th period        Earth Science

2:13-3:00       7th period        Drama Explore

On Wednesdays & Thursday students are in block classes. On Wednesdays it's EVEN period block (2, 4 & 6 + FLEX); On Thursdays is ODD period block (1,3,5,7). 

FLEX time is spent in a grade a-like student group working on issues particular to that grade. 6th graders focus on transitioning to middle school, organization and basic skills. 7th graders are focusing on leadership and goals and 8th graders are working on the Arts Capstone.

FLEX time is also use for assemblies and other special events at the school so there is less disruption to the school day. Once a month, late opening Wednesdays. Students start at 10:15 am and go to periods 2, 4, 6 with no FLEX period.