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Welcome to the da Vinci Water Garden

Click here for a video on the making of the da Vinci Water Garden.

Our staff coordinator for the Water Garden is Life Science teacher Jason Hieggelke. You can contact him at hieggel@pps.net

On the Southeast corner of our school building sits an amazing garden designed and built by students, parents and community members. The garden was designed to filter runoff water from some of our school buildings and channel it to the water table instead of the sewer system.

There are many elements to the garden. Including a pond, pathways, a bioswale, a small greenhouse, an ampitheater, a solar panel and a cob gazebo. The garden's full specifications are here.

The garden has become a living lab for our science and art classes providing specimens to study and draw, a place to perform and a place to display art. We invite the community to become involved in working in our garden as well. For more information contact Jason at jhieggel@pps.net

Science teacher Dan Evans, now retired, was the instigator of  this magnificent garden. He's still involved with it's ebb and flow and keeps a blog about it. http://davinciwatergarden.blogspot.com/

An early article about the garden.