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Upcoming Events

The da Vinci Rose Show was Monday, June 6th         
Students brought roses from their garden to compete in the following categories:
 Best Red  Best Yellow   Sweetest Smelling Rose
 Best White  Smallest Rose  Most Unique Coloring
 Best Pink  Largest Rose  Most Blossoms per stem
 Best Orange  Best Bouquet  Most Unique Vase



Thank you poets for having the courage to speak your truths at this year's Poetry SLAM competition. Your words inspired all who were there to witness your bravery. Huge, heartfelt thanks also to: Ms. DesCamp, Ms. Shumway, Ms. Accuardi, Sheli Bryan, our custodial staff, all staff and students who attended the event, Rami Holmes, Gabe Rosenfield & Julian Geary (my stellar MC's), Phoebe Kearney, Haley James, the entire ELA staff, and to our PTSA. This year competitors included: Dashiell Rucka, Mikey Kempter, Stevie Pendleton, Ella Yeigh, Zadie Jones, Izzy Saracco, Alexander Hernandez, Sunshine Westfall, Aspen Hansen, Sonia Johnson, Lucas Carroll, Maeve Kelly, Yukpa Sophie Wright, Amber McConnell, Sophie Morris, Ty Shadburne, Lindsay Faust, Zelda Carrico-Glover. The prize of GRAND SLAM CHAMPION went to Alexander Hernandez. Second place went to Ella Yeigh, and third place went to Benjamin Dunfee-Hall. Special thanks to Emiel Miller & family for design and printing of the SLAM posters.  ~ Shannon Wasson

Teacher led educational tour to Washington DC and New York City, June 2017

Teachers Ann Fournier and Shannon Wasson are leading a trip next June through an independent travel group and are hosting an information session June 1st in the da Vinci library to share details. If your current 7th or 8th grader is interested, plan to attend the meeting at 6:00pm and learn more.


In celebration of the opening of our new Coastal Discovery Center at Camp Gray, OMSI has put together a new exhibit called "Our Ocean." Through local art, poetry, and hands-on activities, OMSI is showcasing the creativity and stewardship inspired by the ocean.

It is our pleasure to inform you that the following da Vinci students' pieces and artist statements were selected for the "Our Oceans Exhibit" at OMSI!!
Tides that Bind by Savada Barron 
Haystack Rock by Grace Emmite
How the Ocean Nurtures Me by Eli Gavilanes 
Cannon Beach by Avery Marlia  
Cannon Beach  by Joy Nelson 

The "Our Ocean Exhibit" is in the Turbine Hall and will run for the next 3 months. Please come out to OMSI and see the amazing exhibit!

 Savada Barron  Grace Emmite  Eli Gavilanes  Avery Marlia  Joy Nelson        

An Artist Statement:

Avery Marlia
Cannon Beach
22.54 x 14.92 inches
Watercolor on Paper

I have had a deep connection with the ocean since I was born. Every summer my grandparents would take my siblings and I to the beach to go camping for a week. It was something they did with my dad and my aunt when they were kids, so it was important for them to pass down the experience to us. While we were camping my dad would take a couple days off work and come stay with us for a night. I remember one time he took my sister and I out to the water and we had a competition to see who could sit in the water the longest. He won. This year our beach trip was canceled. Because just a week prior, my dad had passed from his ongoing fight of colon cancer. At the beginning of summer my dad had said to me and my siblings that he was going to try and take us to the beach as much as possible. He got sick fast and none of those trips became a reality. I visited Cannon Beach, my dad’s favorite place, a few weeks after his passing. It was strange not having him bury me in the sand or splash me with water, but every time I saw the ocean, I thought of him. This past September my family and I revisited Cannon Beach to spread my dad’s ashes. The ocean will always be a part of my dad and me. My name is Avery, and I’m an eighth grader at da Vinci Arts Middle School in Portland.

Past Events

Advance seats are sold out for the May 6th, 7:00 pm show and the May 7th, 7:00 pm show. 

There are just a few general admission seats available online for the May 7th, 3:00 pm show. 

$20 premium seating section, $10 general admission. Please print your ticket for entrance to the performance

Be courteous when parking in the neighborhood and park in the lot East of the school if possible. 

Doors open approximately 30 minutes before show time. 

 The heART of Portland Exhibit  

Congratulations to the following 3 students whose artwork was chosen for "The heART of Portland" exhibit at the Portland Art Museum: Callan Soraghan, Jack Schneiger, and Ella Williamson.

Each visual art teacher in Portland Public Schools (K-12) was asked to submit just one artwork each for this exhibition. The exhibit will be at the Portland Art Museum in the Sunken Ballroom & Miller Room from Monday, April 4 through Saturday, April 16. You are all invited to the Opening Reception on Monday, April 4 at 6:30 pm. Hope to see you there!