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School Year 2014-15

Name Position - location Email
 Administration and Support
 Fred Locke
 Principal - main office
 Alicia McMillen  Assistant Principal - room 108  amcmillen@pps.net
 Liz Robbins  Secretary - main office  erobbins@pps.net
 Sheli Bryan  Community Liaison - main office  sbryan@pps.net  
 Katie Loewen  Counselor - room 202  kloewen@pps.net
 Daniel Menche  Media Assistant - Library  dmenche@pps.net
Carolyn Anderson (Monday and every other Wed.)  School Nurse - adjacent to the office canderso@mesd.K12.or.us
 Roz Tucker  School Psychologist - room 312  rtucker1@pps.net
 Anne Witt  Speech Pathologist - room 112  awitt1@pps.net
 Tasha Triplett  Tutoring - room 302  ttriplett1@pps.net
Arts Team
 Nicole Accuardi  Drama - room 305/306  naccuardi@pps.net
 X.K.Austin  Visual Arts - room 102/205
Drawing - Painting - Photography
 Mark Gerolami  Music - Choir - Beg & Adv Band  mgerolami@pps.net
 Sara Martins  Dance - Tap  smartins@pps.net
 Hakim Muhammad  African Drumming  hmuhammad@pps.net
 Claire Olberding  Dance - Jazz & Modern  colberdi@pps.net
 Katie Staszkow  Dance - Ballet  kstaszkow@pps.net
 Kelda Van Patten  Visual Arts - Portables A, B & F
Ceramics - Textiles - Printmaking
 Language Arts Social Studies - Core
 Ann Fournier  room 304  afournier@pps.net
 Jamie Hemstead  room 301  jhemstead@pps.net
 Alison Lanigan  room 208 parttime am  alanigan@pps.net
 Dave Myers  room 300  dmyers@pps.net
 Erin Savage
Gretta DesCamp (Friday)
 room 207  esavage@pps.net
 Lori Shumway  room 204  lshumway@pps.net
 Jasmine Spiegel  room 102   jspiegel@pps.net
 Shannon Wasson  room 309  swasson@pps.net
 Megan Young  room 308 parttime am  mcyoung@pps.net
 Kerry Bayne  room 201 - Math 7, Math 8, Compacted Math II  kbayne@pps.net
 Sara Daley  room 200 - Math 6, Math 7, Compacted Math I  sdaley@pps.net

 Julie Wright  room 204 - Math 6, Math 8, Geometry  jwright2@pps.net
 Jim Hashimoto  room 101 - Life Science  jhash@pps.net
 Jason Hieggelke  room 105 - Integrated Earth Science & Physical Science  jhieggel@pps.net
 Heather Stevens  room 107 - Physical Science  hstevens@pps.net
Special Ed 
 Elaine Ko  Lead Teacher - room 103  eko@pps.net
 William Herrin  Para Educator  wherrin@pps.net
 Natalia Petrevics  Para Educator  npetrevi@pps.net
 Study Skills teacher
 CB Room
 Colleen O'Leary  Lead Teacher - room 104  coleary@pps.net
 Bill Delmatoff  Para Educator  bdelmatoff@pps.net
 Amy McCullough  Para Educator  amccullo@pps.net
 Shantel Schneifer  Para Educator  sschneid@pps.net