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Breakthrough School

11035 NE Sandy Blvd            

(503) 736-6565

  • Breakthrough is a day treatment program for youth with a focus on alcohol and drug recovery. Youth receive individual, family and group counseling to work through addiction and behavior issues. The program is designed to help youth successfully return to their families and/or communities. The program is comprehensive and intense, lasting from six to nine months. 
  • Youth live with therapeutic proctor parents who are recruited and trained to work specifically with Breakthrough youth and who function as members of the treatment team.
  • www.morrisonkids.org/breakthrough+day+treatment.aspx

Clinton School at Benson

546 NE 12th Avenue

(503) 916-5133

Clinton School serves youth living in the following residential settings:

Imani House

  • Working with Oregon’s Department of Human Services, Imani provides rehabilitative services for males ages 13 to 18 and their families who have experienced sexual abuse. Evidence informed services delivered by highly trained staff include individual and group counseling, skill building and family counseling in a highly structured, supervised setting. Continued education support is provided through middle and high school classrooms that support a youth’s educational level and behavioral needs. Above all, during a young person’s 2 year stay, Imani’s therapeutic model provides an environment for accountability, healing and family reunification.
  • janusyouth.org/programs/residential
Buckman House
  • A residential treatment program working with youth since 1976, Buckman and the Oregon Youth Authority first pioneered the design and delivery of highly specialized services specifically for 17-24 year old males with sex offenses in 1992. Now ranked one of the most effective treatment programs of its type in Oregon and among the highest rated in the country for use of Evidence-Based Practice, Buckman’s ongoing partnerships with the Oregon Youth Authority have seen the development of a constellation of additional services that are unmatched in the state. This includes the Buckman Education and Employment Program providing the latest technological and employment training/job search coaching and support for Buckman clients and other Oregon Youth Authority youth living in the community who need independent living and employment support.
  • janusyouth.org/programs/residential
The Pettygrove Program
  • Pettygrove is a nine month program serving young women, 14 to 18 years of age who are in Oregon Youth Authority custody. Since 1975, the Pettygrove program has been working to help young women in our community. Today, the program operates in a NW Portland home and serves more than 25 girls each year. At Pettygrove, young women live cooperatively in a residential group home, receive individual counseling, and engage in daily individual and group skill building activities
  • boysandgirlsaid.org/services/pettygrove-ilp/

The STEP Program

  • STEP stands for stabilization, transition, and evaluation program. STEP is a short-term shelter program that provides young people, ages 10 to 18, with assessment, evaluation, behavioral rehabilitation, and service planning and placement recommendations. In the STEP Program, youth are placed in foster homes or shelter facilities with trained foster parents and staff who are dedicated to helping them take the next positive ‘STEP’ in their lives.

  • boysandgirlsaid.org/services/step

Hand in Hand School

11456 NE Knott


  • Hand In Hand Psychiatric Day Treatment serves up to 22 children between the ages of three and eight who have been severely abused and neglected. Many maltreated children develop emotional and behavioral problems and the effects of these traumatic experiences are varied and unique to each child. An individually tailored service plan is implemented for each family and child after a thorough evaluation is conducted to assess the type and severity of the maltreatment. Factors that are assessed include the type and severity of maltreatment, age of onset, pattern of the maltreatment, environmental risks, child’s temperament, environmental resources available to the child and the strength of interpersonal relationships. 
  • Day treatment services are provided year round, four hours per day for each child. The day treatment milieu is staffed by an interdisciplinary team that provides therapeutic activities integrated with Portland Public School DART Program educational services. Other ancillary services such as community based skill development, speech and language and occupational therapy services may be made available based on each child’s particular needs.
  • www.morrisonkids.org/hand+in+hand+day+treatment.aspx

Nickerson School

4941 Northeast 17th Avenue

(503)282-3296 ext. 6813

  • Culturally focused adolescent day treatment. In addition to support while on-site, youth regularly participate in community outings such as PE, Humane Society, Oregon Food Bank, etc. to practice appropriate social skills.
  • www.lifeworksnw.org
Parry Center Residential/Souther School

3415 SE Powell


Psychiatric Residential Treatment Services (PRTS)

  • PRTS offers short-term, on-site psychiatric services for young people requiring 24-hour support for emotional and behavioral challenges.
  • PRTS is committed to providing mental and behavioral health stabilization and assess each child’s symptoms and needs in order to offer them the most effective treatment possible.
  • PRTS serve children and adolescents, ages 5 – 17, who are struggling with mental health challenges and are in need of 24-hour residential treatment.
  • PRTS provides a secure and nurturing healing environment , locked facilities,  access to fenced and open recreation areas playgrounds , therapeutic garden , sport fields , and an enclosed gym.  Students participate in  therapeutic activities aimed at increasing social and emotional well-being as well as opportunities for home visits and community outings.
  • www.trilliumfamily.org

Parry Center Day Treatment School

1715 SE 32nd Place

  • Parry Center Day Treatment School serves children and adolescents, ages 5 – 17, whose mental health difficulties impact their ability to be successful in their homes, schools, and communities.   Services include: medication management with a child psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner , individual and family therapy , treatment groups , group skills training, and academic instruction with a licensed special education teacher
  • www.trilliunfamily.org

Rosemont Treatment School

9911 SE Mt. Scott Blvd.


  • Rosemont Treatment Center & School is the largest secure residential treatment center for adolescent girls in the Pacific Northwest. The program is a leader in serving troubled girls, helping them rebuild their self-esteem and become equipped for health and success. A 26-bed facility is staffed 24 hours a day. It contains a living unit, cafeteria, an accredited school, a library, a teen health clinic, an outdoor recreation field and a covered recreation area.
  • The therapeutic milieu and services help clients deal with combined mental health and substance abuse problems. The treatment philosophy is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). DBT utilizes both validation and behavior therapy/change techniques to reduce clients' problems. Rosemont fosters an environment of positive change emphasizing choice, responsibility and self-management.
  • www.morrisonkids.org/rosemont+treatment+center.aspx

 White Shield School

2640 NW Alexandra


  • The White Shield Center is the only facility of its kind in Oregon. Opened in 1917 as a maternity home and hospital, the center now provides residential treatment, counseling, parenting education, and youth development services for teenaged girls who are pregnant or parenting an infant or toddler. An Early Intervention Center provides day care for the babies.
  • White Shield also provides secure residential treatment with a link to therapeutic foster care for 9 adolescent girls, ages 12 to 17 and an independent living program for OYA youth, ages 17 to 20.
  • White Shield programs are dedicated to providing education and guidance to young women who are in state custody and are in need of a safe and nurturing environment.
  •  www.salvationarmy.usawest.org

PPS News

PPS student leaders represent in D.C.

April 22, 2014

While most students took some much needed time off during Spring Break, three student members of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council traveled to Washington, D.C. to lobby Portland’s Congressional delegation on some of the greatest issues facing students in education today.  


Thanks to you, art blossoming in schools

April 22, 2014

Students across PPS are painting, singing and boogying thanks to Portlanders support for the Arts Tax that is funding visual art, music or dance teachers in every K-5 or K-8 school. A display of  elementary student art runs April 23-May 1at City Hall.


Gates, Milken and more recognize PPS students and teachers

April 22, 2014

Spring has been a banner time for PPS students and teachers - from newly minted Gates Millennium Scholars, to national recognition for Grant Magazine and two daVinci students, to our 2014 Rose Festival Princesses, to a Milken Award for a Gray teacher, a research grant for a Lincoln teacher and a spot on the LearnZillion's 2014 Dream Team for a Virtual Scholars teacher.


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