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Kirstin Labudda

I am teaching Chemistry and SL and HL-IB Biology. Scroll down to find the link to resources for each class. You can contact me any time by e-mail: klabudda@pps.net


Most handouts and presentations are Google Docs which you can access under the link below.  Each quarter has its own folder. Within each folder is a document titled "Daily Log", where I write what we did each day and post homework.

Link: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_yzloPe3jY1NkRfamZRdU9IQnc&usp=sharing

SL-IB Biology

Click the link that follows to get to all handouts and presentations: 


 The class is organized by IB Bio topics. Refer to the file called "Daily Log" to review the agenda for the day and homework.


HL-IB Biology

Click on the link that follows to access all online resources I used in class.


Below are old topic packets. We will no longer use them in class.

Topic Packets:

Topic 7: 1_Molecular_Structure_Nucleosomes.pdf, 2_Repetitive_Sequ_Introns_Exons.pdf, 3_DNA_Str_Summary.pdf, 4_DNA_Replication.pdf, 5_Transcription.pdf, 6_Translation.pdf, 7_Structure_Function_Proteins.pdf, 8_Mechanism_Enzyme_Act_and_Metab.pdfPipetting_Scheme.pdf9_Enzyme_Inhibition.pdf

Topic 8: 10_RedoxATPGlucolysis.pdf, 11_Aerobic_Respiration.pdf, 12_Mitochondrium.pdf, Cell_Resp_Concept_Map_1.pdf, 14_Chloropl_Overview_PS.pdf, 15_Light_Dep_RXN.pdf, 16_Light_Ind_RXN.pdf, 17_Absorpspec_and_Lim_Factrs.pdf

Topic 9: 18_Plant_Structure.pdf, 19_Plant_Growth.pdf, 20_Ion_Water_Uptke_Roots.pdf, 21_Transpiration.pdf, 22_Reg_of_Transpiration.pdf, 23_Trnsprt_in_Phoem.pdf, 24_Reprod_Angiosperm.pdf

Topic 10: 25_Closer_Look_Meiosis.pdf, 26_MeiosisMendelLnkgeGr.pdf, 27_DihybridCr_GeneLkge.pdf, 28_Polygnc_Inhertnce.pdf

Topic 11: 29_BloodCl_AbProd.pdf, 30_MonoclAb_Vaccintn.pdf, 31_Joints_Muscle_Mvmnt.pdf, 32_MuscleFbrs_MuscleContrctn.pdf, 33_Excretion_Kidney.pdf, 34_Ovary_Oogenisis.pdf, 35_Testis_Spermatogenesis.pdf, 36_Fertil_Placenta_Birth.pdf

Option D and E: 37_HardyWeinbrg_Prncpl.pdf, 38_Evol_Classific.pdf, 39_Cladistics.pdf, 15_Restriction_to_Cladogram.pdf, Human_Brain.pdf, Further_Studies.pdf, Fiddler_Crab.pdf

Supplement to phylogeny/systematics/cladistics: Shell-DNA-0-6.pdf