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The Referral Process

Cleveland High School has a Building Screening Committee (BSC) whose responsibility is to implement general education interventions. Our BSC is a safety net to help students in grades 9-12. It is the follow-up process for those students identified by the vision and hearing screenings, state assessments, or classroom teacher. It does not replace staff “problem solving” of a more informal nature.

The BSC develops intervention plans to help students struggling with academics or behavior in the classroom. For example, if the issue is behavior, the BSC may ask for data and suggest ways to lower student/teacher frustration or change surroundings. For an academic concern, the team may brainstorm ideas for changing instruction methods, adapting curriculum, or changing the environment. All interventions are designed to help the student progress in the general education curriculum.

The BSC process should be used before a student is referred to the special education evaluation planning team (which decides if a special education evaluation should be conducted). Under the following three circumstances, the student should be referred directly to the special education evaluation planning team: (1) staff can show that such interventions would not be enough to address the concerns (2) staff clearly suspect that a child has a disability and needs specially designed instruction as a result of the disability; or (3) the parents request and give written consent for an initial evaluation and the special education evaluation planning team has agreed to conduct an evaluation.