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Senior Year

For everything you wanted to know about college, click here.
For a printable "Senior Year Checklist", click here.

Aug 1
The "Common Application" becomes available online for upcoming private 4-year college application. Click here for more information.
End Aug Registration.
General notes Students and parents should be using Naviance by this time. To learn more about Naviance, click here.

To learn more about pondering college options, click here.

Recommendation: have your student work on their college essay and application either early fall or if possible over Summer. Senior year gets busy fast and leaves little room for extras.
Mid Sep Back to School Night (a night for parents without their student)
Early-Fall Sign up for SAT or ACT and/or SAT Subject Tests, if you have not taken them. For more information on college testing and test dates, click here. NOTE: if applying Early Decision to a particular school, all tests must be taken by mid-Oct.

For Seniors applying to PRIVATE colleges:
PARENTS fill out "parent survey" and STUDENTS fill out the "about me" survey on Naviance so counselors can write their letters of recommendation BY MID FALL. Click here to learn more about Naviance.
Mid-Fall Have your student ask teachers for letters of recommendation. Give teachers AT LEAST two weeks lead time, preferably more.

Order Cap & Gown (details in Daily Bulletin).
End Oct Parent-Teacher conferences
Begin Nov First quarter Report Cards sent home (these do not count towards transcript)
Nov 1 or 15 Deadline for Early Decision/Early Action (if applicable) via Common Application or comparable online form (varies by school).

NOTE 1: If going Early Decision/Early Action, AND a school requires the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE", complete this very invasive profile of your financial situation at the same time as the application deadline. Allow yourself at least a week! Click here for a list of schools that require the CSS Profile.

NOTE 2: The Common Application can be edited up to three times. If a student is not accepted into their Early Decision school, the common app can be edited up to two more times, if needed, for other schools.

Contact the College Board for SAT or ACT to have test scores sent to Early Decision/Early Action colleges under consideration.
Dec 1 For January 1 college application due date, deadline for transcript and letters or recommendation from counselors and teachers. They need at least two weeks before break! 
Early Dec Senior portraits due to the yearbook. Click here for more details.

Attend with your student the "Financial Aid Night" at CHS.
Before Winter Break Contact the College Board for SAT or ACT to have test scores sent to colleges under consideration.

Also make sure student transcripts are sent from the counseling office to the respective colleges.
Winter Break Finish up college applications. Prepare for major vacation stress if applications put off until this time!

If a school requires the "CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE", complete this very invasive profile of your financial situation before January 1. Click here for a list of schools that require the CSS.
Jan 1 Earliest date to file the FAFSA (deadline Feb 1). Financial Aid is first-come, first-serve. The sooner the FAFSA is filled it out, the better.
Jan-Feb Most college applications due! (date varies per school)
End Jan Finals

1st semester grades sent home. These count on your student’s transcript.To learn more about the CHS Grading System, click here.
Feb 1 Deadline to fill out FAFSA.

Make sure your student's mid-year grades get sent to all schools being considered.
Feb Fill out OSAC application for Oregon scholarships and all Cleveland Alumni Scholarships (due March 1).
March Wait on pins and needles for acceptance letters to arrive (should be no later than April 1)
Begin April Third quarter Report Cards sent home (these do not count towards transcript).

“60 Day Rule” goes into affect. Click here to learn more about the district-wide 60 Day Rule.
April Prepare for possible additional stress as your student potentially waffles about where he or she wants to go or do!
Before May 1 Send acceptance letter and deposit for the college your student plans to attend.

Write thank you notes to teachers who have written you recommendations.
Mid May Seniors pick up tickets for graduation, senior luncheon, and all-night party.
Begin June
Senior finals take place earlier than the other grades.
Senior Assembly
Senior Luncheon
Graduation Rehearsals (one at CHS, one at the Memorial Colliseum)
Senior Baccalaureate
Senior All-Night Party
Watch for letter home in the mail with detailed information on the above. Also see the CHS Events Calendar.

2nd semester grades sent home. These count on your student’s transcript.

NOTE 1: Your student will not be allowed to walk across the stage if he or she does not attend the graduation rehearsals.
NOTE 2: Your student will not receive his or her diploma unless all fines have been paid.
Post-Graduation Rejoice and Congratulations!