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Course Offerings

For more detailed information, view the 2016-2017 Cleveland Course Guide


English 1-2*
English 3-4*
IB Language and Literature SL 1
IB Literature A1 HL1
IB Literature A1 HL2
Film and Literature
Sci Fi/Fantasy/Adventure Lit
IB Language and Literature SL 2

Foreign Language

French 1-2
French 3-4
French 5-6
IB French 7-8*
German 1-2
German 3-4
German 5-6
IB German 7-8*
Mandarin Chinese 1-2
Mandarin Chinese 3-4
Mandarin Chinese 5-6
IB Mandarin Chinese 7-8*
Mandarin Chinese Immersion
Spanish 1-2*
Spanish 3-4*
Spanish 5-6*
Spanish Honors 5-6
Spanish 7-8
IB Spanish 7-8*, 9-10*

Social Science

Required Courses:
  Modern World History
  U.S. History

  "We The People" Constitutional Team Class
  Epic Issues Seminar
  Women in American History
  IB Psychology SL & HL
  IB Antropology HL
  IB Social & Cultural Anthropology
  IB History of the Americas
  IB History of the 20th Century
  IB Theory of Knowledge*


Algebra 1-2
Geometry 1-2*
Bridges to Algebra 3-4
Advanced Algebra 3-4*
Advanced Math for College
Advanced Statistics
IB Math Studies*
IB Calculus*
IB Adv. Calculus*
Reaching Advanced Math Opportunities at Cleveland (pdf)


Academy Biology*
Foundation of Physics & Chemistry
Integrated Science
Human Anatomy-Physiology
Forensic Science and Biotechnology
Science Research
IB Biology SL*
IB Biology HL*
IB Chemistry SL*
IB Physics SL*
IB Physics HL*
IB Environmental Systems & Societies SL

Visual and Performing Arts

Art Survey (9)
Beginning Art (9, 10,11,12)
Intermediate Art 2-D (10,11,12)
Intermediate Art 3-D (10,11,12)
Printmaking (10,11,12)
Beginning Illustration (10,11,12)
Advanced Illustration (11, 12)
IB Visual Arts SL & HL* (11, 12)
Drama 1-2: Introduction to Theatre
Drama 3-4: Intermediate Theater Techniques
Drama 5-6: Advanced Theatrical Production
Drama 7-8: Advanced Independent Theatre Projects
Play Production
IB Theatre SL & HL* (11, 12)
Concert Band
Symphonic Band
Wind Ensemble
Jazz Lab
Jazz Ensemble
IB Music SL & HL

Business and Marketing

Introduction to Business
Personal Finance
Marketing Principles
Advanced Marketing
Accounting (1-2, 3-4)
Practical Law
Cleveland Mall

Computer Science

Basic Computer Skills
Introduction to Programming
"Bear" Essentials of Game Programming
IB Computer Science

Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts: Intro
Advanced Culinary Arts: Baking and Pastry
Advanced Culinary Arts: International Foods

Woods and Manufacturing
Introduction to Woods & Manufacturing
Classic Woodworking
Advanced Woods & Manufacturing


Physical Education
Crossfit Endurance and Nutrition
Mindful Studies
Risk Reduction / First Aid & CPR
Human Sexuality and Healthy Relationships
Sports and Health Occupations
Contemporary Health Issues & Personal Health Management
Crossfit Weight Training and Conditioning
Speed Strength Training

General Electives

Beginning Speech and Debate
Advanced Speech and Debate
Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)
Media & Society
Independent Media Production
College and Career Exploration (required)
Everybody In: Building Blocks to Understanding


Teacher Assistant
Special Ed. Teacher Assistant
Media Assistant
Office Assistant
Student Mentor
Student Mentor for ELL
Library Assistant
Peer Tutor
Study Hall

* = honors level offered or accelerated course of study