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Full List By Department

2014-2015 School Year 

Subject Name Email
Art John Devine jdevine@pps.net
Art Karen McClelland kmcclell@pps.net
Art Terry Waldron mwarner@pps.net
Art Mark Warner twaldron@pps.net
Business Linda Bergstrom lbergstrom@pps.net
Business Linda Owen-Cooper lowencoo@pps.net
Business Ben Weston bweston@pps.net
Career Coordinator Heidi Sause hsause@pps.net
Culinary Arts Elizabeth Harve
Drama Tom Beckett tbeckett@pps.net
Engish Language Learners Stefanie Goldbloom sgoldbloom@pps.net
English Barbara Berger bberger@pps.net
English Susie Brighouse sbrighou@pps.net
English John Golden jgolden@pps.net
English Patrick Gonzales jgonzales@pps.net
English Alex Gordin agordin@pps.net
English Emily Gromko egromko@pps.net
English David Hillis dhillis@pps.net
English Vanessa Hughes vmhughes@pps.net
English Jamie Incorvia jincorvia@pps.net
English Eric Levine elevine@pps.net
English Darryl Miles dmiles1@pps.net
English Kim Rinier krinier@pps.net
English Gary Sletmoe  gsletmoe@pps.net
English Andrew Sorensen asorense@pps.net
French Emma Wood ewood@pps.net
German Roberta Stubbs rstubbs@pps.net
Health Camille Adana cadana@pps.net
Health Gaye Chapman gchapman@pps.net 
Health Jeff Zerba jzerba@pps.net
Hearing Impaired Classroom Sara Outcalt soutcalt@pps.net
International Baccalaureate Jennifer Wiandt jwiandt2@pps.net
Journalism Andrew Sorensen asorense@pps.net
Library Bryan Smith bsmith1@pps.net
Mandarin Chinese Carol (Man) Xiang mxiang@pps.net
Mandarin Chinese Nancy Yang nyang@pps.net
Mathematics Paula Creamer pcreamer@pps.net
Mathematics John Ditmore jditmore@pps.net
Mathematics Samia Estassi sestassi@pps.net
Mathematics Kari Freeman kfreeman@pps.net
Mathematics Carolyn Hintz chintz@pps.net
Mathematics Steven Kapka skapka@pps.net
Mathematics Natasha Khvilivitzky nkhviliv@pps.net
Mathematics Jim McNeely jmcneely@pps.net
Mathematics Alexander Quan aquan@pps.net
Mathematics Erik Running erunning@pps.net
Music Paula Creamer pcreamer@pps.net
Music Dan Foster dfoster@pps.net
Music Diana Rowey drowey@pps.net
Physical Education Tom Beatty tbeatty@pps.net
Physical Education Casey Dyer cdyer@pps.net
Physical Education Kendra Gardner kkgardner@pps.net
Science Scott Burns sburns@pps.net
Science John Ditmore jditmore@pps.net
Science Kathleen Fuller kfuller@pps.net
Science Brenda Gordon bgordon1@pps.net
Science Terry Hall thall1@pps.net
Science Keska Kemper kkemper@pps.net  
Science Kirstin Labudda klabudda@pps.net
Science Anna-Kate Peterson apeters2@pps.net
Science Robert Schlichting rschlich@pps.net
Science Matt Staab mstaab@pps.net
Social Studies Lynne Allers lallers@pps.net
Social Studies Julie Blattner jblattne@pps.net
Social Studies Matt Bowman mbowman@pps.net
Social Studies Anne Dierker adierker@pps.net
Social Studies Joe Duran jduran@pps.net
Social Studies Tim Graham tgraham1@pps.net
Social Studies Patrick Kanealey pkaneale@pps.net
Social Studies Colleen Loprinzi cloprinz@pps.net
Social Studies Stephen Nims snims@pps.net
Social Studies Mike Shanahan mshanaha@pps.net
Social Studies Matt Sten msten@pps.net
Spanish Susan Douglass  sdouglass@pps.net
Spanish Palmyra McLellarn pmclella@pps.net
Spanish Maria Santana msantana@pps.net
Spanish Kyle Sinner ksinner@pps.net
Special Education Judy Champion jchampion@pps.net
Special Education Daniel Clute dclute@pps.net
Special Education Elizabeth Dubois edubois@pps.net
Special Education Trisha Rhoades trhoades@pps.net
Special Education Bren Trask btrask@pps.net
Special Education Lurena Weesner lweesner@pps.net
Staff - Special Projects Jan Watt jwatt@pps.net    
TOK Gaye Chapman gchapman@pps.net 
TOK Anne Dierker

See also Administrative Team and Counseling Staff