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Chavez students hit the slopes of Mt. Hood

SOS Outreach is a youth development nonprofit that fosters self-confidence, leadership skills, and positive decision making in local youth. SOS programs are unique in their use of adventure sports to engage participants for future success.

For the second year, Chávez Middle School will be participating in the SOS (Snowboard Outreach Society) program this winter.  This program includes five snowboarding sessions on Mt. Hood and emphasizes the five values of SOS; courage, discipline, integrity, wisdom and compassion.  The students at Chávez will be going up to Mt. Hood Meadows for their lessons which begin on February 22.  In order to raise the funds to send the 18 students, we are putting on a series of fundraisers.  Keep an eye out for upcoming fundraiser events.  Please join us and help send OUR kids on an experience they will never forget!  Anyone interested in donating can simply make checks of any amount out to SOS Outreach and drop it off at the Chávez Main office!

Thanks again. ¡Viva los CYLCLONES!

Our classes have recently reviewed procedures we are to practice during an earthquake drill. Our school will have two earthquake drills this year. We will have one this month and one later this year. 
One important thing to remind your child about is that it is important in all drills to always be ready to listen to instructions from the adult. 
The words that we use during the drill are, "DUCK, COVER, HOLD ON". Have your child show you what they have learned. 

Other earthquake safety tips:
If your child is on their way to school and an earthquake occurs, they need to DUCK, COVER. They would then continue to school where the adults would be waiting for them. 
If your child is on their way home after school and the same occurs, they would continue home where you are expecting them. 

Practicing these safety procedures make our kids feel safer and prepared!

For UPCOMING SCHOOL EVENTS please refer to our Google Calendar found in the right side bar of this page. We will update it on a weekly basis. We will include field trips, community events as well as school events. 

Campfire is back for our middle school students! This program focuses on academic support, life skills and incentive trips. Our leader is Will Reese and is ready to support our students. Email him at chavez@campfirecolumbia.org

A Message from the Principal

School-wide Reading Initiative

Reading is important to success in school. Parents can and should play a role in helping their children to become interested in reading and in encouraging their growth in reading skills. At the same time, parents and teachers need to work together. Last year 39% of our overall student population met or exceeded the State reading benchmark. Many teachers are now sending home practical ideas for parents to use with their preschoolers. As a result, young children are developing some of the skills at home that will later help them in school.

Current research in reading reveals three important considerations for parents AND teachers:

  • Children who read, and read widely, become better readers
  • Reading and writing are complementary skills
  • Parents are important to children both as role models and as supporters of their efforts

There is no guarantee that if you and your child start reading and talking about books, either one of you will be able to express yourselves that eloquently, but I can guarantee an increase in vocabulary, critical thinking ,and the art of conversation and discussion. You may even get some insight into your child's view of the world and his/her values.

Recommended Reading Daily: (by grade level)

  • K-2nd 20 minutes
  • 3rd-5th 25 minutes
  • 6th-8th 30 minutes

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PPS News

Portland School Board takes a stand on new test

July 23, 2014
The Portland School Board voted 7 to 0 July 22 on a resolution that calls upon state and federal education officials to delay the use of the new Smarter Balanced Assessment in teacher evaluation, provide the necessary funding to effectively implement the test and not use the test for punitive labeling of teachers, students or schools.

PPS leaders join 60 districts in pledging to improve achievement of young men of color

July 21, 2014

Sixty big-city public school districts from across the country,  including Portland Public Schools, released a pledge to improve the academic and social outcomes of boys and young men of color the Council of the Great City Schools announced today at a White House event with President Obama.


Additional leadership news announced

July 16, 2014

Superintendent Carole Smith announced to the PPS staff on July 7 additional pieces of the school district's education leadership reorganization to best serve students and schools. 


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