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Buckman Arts Focus Elementary School

Buckman nurtures the whole child and strives for academic excellence

320 SE 16th Ave  | Portland, OR 97214
Phone: (503) 916-6230 | Fax: (503) 916-2615

School News & Announcements

Mark Your Calendar 

This Week

12/17 2-hour late opening, Fifth grade informance 11:30-12pm, and School-wide Chorus Assembly 2pm 

12/18 Chorus field trip

12/19 Fifth grade field trip 

12/19 Last day of school before winter break - Happy Holidays!


12/20-1/4 Winter break

1/5 School Starts

1/5-1/9 SUN Early Bird Camp

1/12 SUN Winter term begins

1/19 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, no school

1/21 2-hour late opening 

1/30 Teacher planning day, no school

1/30 SUN Winter Wonderland Camp

Safety and Security 

Parking in front of the school between 7-9am and 2-4pm is five minutes only, and the driver must remain at the wheel. Double parking is prohibited, even for a drop off; it ties up traffic and is very unsafe. Dogs must always be on a leash and never left tied up. Always enter and exit through the front doors; no exceptions unless there is an emergency. No child can be left alone on the school grounds. 

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

I feel as if I pushed the fast forward button on my DVR for the movie “The First Year at Buckman Arts School” and it is time to press the pause button and reflect on the past few months to celebrate our achievements. There is much to celebrate.

At the opening of school, we held an impressive Grandparent/Special Friends Day, celebrating the talents of our inspiring students; a group of dedicated teachers and parents came together and completed the Comprehensive Achievement Plan for Buckman School; our Family Math Night, hosted by our SUN program, brought a large crowd of families together for a night of math games; and recently, our first grade teachers and arts team organized the first grade informance, showcasing the integrative curriculum through the arts. The joy and delight of children exploring the arts and demonstrating their learning through the integration and collegiality of staff are memories I will carry throughout my career. 

I am blessed to have such a talented group of classroom teachers and support staff. When I talk about the school happenings to the community, I describe the brilliant teaching occurring throughout the building. I continually witness solid, creative, and engaging lessons in every classroom. Daily, the Buckman students benefit from the intentional hands-on experiences delivered by our gifted staff. 

I’ve been able to experience an intelligent, visionary group of parents who make up our Buckman Parent Teacher Association and Buckman Foundation. These parents work full time, but spend endless hours rounding up parent volunteers to not only fundraise money to offer all the important classroom enrichment activities, but support the stability of Buckman Arts School. I am willing to put a challenge to the entire community, if we reach the goal set for the end of the year giving campaign I will join the large majority of adults who wear their art openly on their body and get a tattoo in honor of the achievement. As Cuba Gooding Jr. said in the movie Jerry McGuire, “Show me the money,” I will say, “Show me the money and I will show you my personal artwork.”  

Finally, I would like to recognize the reason we congregate as one community - our students. I am amazed at how incredible the Buckman students are as people. Each and every day I interact with kind, considerate, articulate students. Visitors and volunteers consistently validate this by telling me how lucky I am to be placed at such as a wonderful school.  

I am proud to be a part of this outstanding community. For the next two weeks rest, relax, and celebrate your children. 


Daily Schedule

First Bell 8:35
Tardy Bell 8:45
AM Kindergarten Dismissal 11:15
Beginning Lunch (1st & 3rd) 11:20
Second Lunch (K & 2nd) 11:55
Third Lunch (4th & 5th) 12:30
End of Lunch 1:00
School Dismissal 3:00


First Bell 10:35
Tardy Bell 10:45
All Kindergarten Attends  
Beginning Lunch (1st & 3rd) 11:20
Second Lunch (K & 2nd) 11:55
Third Lunch (4th & 5th) 12:30
End of Lunch 1:00
School Dismissal 3:00

Buckman Calendar

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