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Bridger PTA

PTA Family Craft Night "Rings for Bridger".
As a volunteer organization we rely on the many dedicated families, teachers and community members to provide expertise, leadership, additional resources, learning opportunities and enriching activities that benefit us all.

The Bridger PTA strives to:

• ENGAGE families at home, school and in the community as they support their child's growth and development.
• ENGAGE students' hearts, souls and minds to increase skills and their knowledge of the world around them.
• ENGAGE teachers and staff in developing environments where academic excellence is the standard and opportunity is abundant.
• ENGAGE community members with the school and students to fill the gaps and raise academic achievement.

Every month the parents, teachers and students meet to share information and inspiration. Childcare is provided at no cost. Please consider joining the PTA in these efforts—there are many opportunities to volunteer in whatever capacity fits your life and schedule.

Your involvement and support will make all the difference—see below for information on how to become a member!

We hope you will find our website, Yahoo Group and Facebook page full of “news you can use” – volunteer opportunities, programs, meeting minutes and lots more! Visit often for the latest information about PTA programs and activities.

Have any question? Please feel free to email the PTA Board at bridgerpta@gmail.com or speak to any of the current board members.

Become a Member

Join the Bridger PTA!

Even if you don't have much time, attending meetings is an excellent way to stay informed about what's happening at the school and to connect with other parents, teachers and the principal. Meetings are fun and childcare is provided at no cost (your child will love movie night)!

Although you do not need to be a member to attend a PTA meeting, being a member allows you to vote on PTA funding decisions and other issues that could impact your child.

There are two options to apply for membership:

(1) Follow this link to submit your membership application online (and pay your $10 annual dues). Look for "Jim Bridger Elem PTA" in the list of school options. 

(2) Download this membership form and turn it in to the PTA mailbox in the front office.

Your membership dues will support all of the wonderful programs and events that the PTA sponsors for your child. The PTA appreciates everyone's membership—whether or not the member volunteers—because each member increases the PTA's ability to advocate for children.

Note: If the $10 annual membership fee is a barrier for your family, the PTA will gladly cover the cost (download the membership form and check the appropriate box). Please do not let the membership dues prevent you from becoming a member!

Meet the Board

Please feel free to approach any board member about an idea or concern that you have. If you are unable to contact a person or make it to a PTA meeting, please email us.

2014/13 Board Members:

President: Denise Wright

Vice President: Katy Prewitt

Treasurer: Amelia Caldwell

Secretary: Dina Whitke

Communication Coordinator: [Open]

Volunteer/Community Connection Co-Coordinators:  [Open]

Auction Co-Coordinators: Amy Neitzel and Molly Jimenez

Green Team Coordinator: Tye North

Members-at-Large: Simon Acton (Treasurer Support), Jean Fendick (Middle School Focus), Veronica Banuelos (Latino Connection)

Our Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

  • To create a social and interactive community that works together to align students, parents and teachers and provide a safe setting to express concerns and aspirations.
  • To honor every act of service and provide opportunities to all students, parents, teachers and the community to contribute their time to support and enrich the Bridger Community.
  • To assist parents in developing the skills they need to raise and protect their children.
  • To support and speak on behalf of school children and our community before governmental bodies that makes decisions affecting their education.

Our Goals

  • Have fun and measure our success by the positive difference we make one child, parent and teacher at a time.
  • To have every student, parent and teacher donate 3 hours of their time to make a difference at Bridger. Whether it is making copies, listening to a child read, leading a game at recess or helping at a PTA event, every act of service is important.
  • Sponsor, back and organize learning opportunities and enrichment activities.
  • Work with students to plan, budget, and lead school events to develop leadership and self confidence.
  • Provide resources as a service and means of creating equity among students.
  • Assist parents in developing skills need to intelligently participate in their child’s education.
  • Ensure that fund-raising provides products, services and/or entertainment that aligns with our mission; creating opportunities for all to contribute not solicit.
  • Contribute and foster partnerships with community members and organizations.