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Hollyrood Campus: 3560 NE Hollyrood Ct | Portland, OR 97212
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Fernwood Campus: 1915 NE 33rd Ave | Portland, OR 97212
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Rose City Park Campus: 2334 NE 57th Ave | Portland Oregon 97213
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Nov. 26-27: No school in recognition of holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks to the more than 3,000 people who attended meetings on enrollment balancing. Slideshow.  Growing Great Schools.

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Beverly Cleary is a K-8 school that provides academic excellence in a caring community.

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Hollyrood Traffic Pattern  We are experiencing traffic problems at the Hollyrood Campus.  To avoid frustration, please enter on the NE 35th Place to Hollyrood Court and exit 36th Ave. to Knott Street making a one-way traffic pattern.  Vehicles cannot travel in both directions safely on Hollyrood Ct. during drop-off and pick-up times.  Parents/Students are on their bicycles and families are crossing the crosswalk.  Please be careful and watch out for them and follow the one-way traffic pattern.  This will ensure the safety of our families. Please do not park or stop in the bus zone area or in the NO PARKING/STOPPING zones in front of the school. Hopefully this will keep our children safe!Thank you for your cooperation

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8th Grade Info Night @Grant High School
Grant High School will have three opportunities for incoming 9th grade families to learn more about our unique opportunities.
December 2nd 6-8 pm.
January 20th 8:30- 10 am.
February 17th 8:30-10 am.
If you have any questions, please call the GHS office at 503-916-5160.

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No School Monday for ALL BCS students.  Our students at BCS do not follow the PPS late opening schedule.  BCS Staff Professional Training Days will be on
Mondays 12/14, 2/29/16, 4/25/16.  On all other PPS late openings days, BCS students will attend school all day.

PPS 2015-2016 School Quarter Calendar http://www.pps.k12.or.us/files/calendar/School-Quarter-Calendar-2015-16.pdf

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A Message from the Principal

November 25, 2015

Dear Families,

Once again, we are faced with difficult choices that must be made about the future of our robust, vibrant, and ever-popular school.  Plainly stated: we cannot maintain a three-campus model and remain the cohesive school community we have all come to expect and actually desire.  While we agreed to “manage” in the very short term, after two years of a three-campus model, it is clear that the resulting challenges are untenable for students, teachers, administrators and parents alike.  In addition, the administrative costs and effort required to manage our school’s facilities and geographically-diverse staff are not sustainable for the 2016-17 school year.  Therefore, it is likely the School Board and Superintendent will make the necessary changes that result in the altering of Beverly Cleary School’s (BCS) boundaries beginning next fall or the year after.

As you know, PPS staff has proposed two different scenarios to address the projected enrollment growth in PPS over the next several years.  The scenarios are also intended to relieve overcrowding in some schools and under-enrollment in others as well as ensure that all students have access to the same opportunities for academics and support programs.   For BCS, this means:

  • Scenario I – Beverly Cleary K-8 would become Beverly Cleary Middle School; The Beverly Cleary K-5 Boundary would be divided between Irvington K-5 and Laurelhurst K-5, roughly along NE 30th
  • Scenario II – A portion of the Beverly Cleary K-8/Grant HS boundary would shift to Rose City Park K-5/Roseway Heights MS/Madison HS
  • Note that Rose City Park K-5 would reopen with most of the current Roseway Heights K-5 boundary and portions of the Alameda K-5; Beverly Cleary K-5 and Laurelhurst K-5 boundaries; Rose City Park K-5 would feed to Roseway Heights MS/Madison HS. ACCESS Academy would move from Rose City Park to Kellogg MS. 

Many of you have asked for my thoughts on the subject. To be honest, it’s difficult for me to offer a definite opinion on one scenario over the other.  As an educator, I can see the benefits of the K-8 model.  I have worked hard for the last seven years to implement our K-8, and with the support of teachers, staff, parents and generous BCS Foundation donors, we have been able to build a successful program. Unfortunately, not all schools designated as K-8 in the District have these same tools and number of students to make this same educational model work.  That is why as an administrator, I can also see the value of having larger groups of kids together in middle schools to help leverage funding for more electives. It’s a very complicated situation, and I don’t envy the folks who are tasked with the responsibility of figuring it out.

By nature, I am not a political person, and I will not be lobbying PPS or the PTA for either scenario.  However, at the end of the day, our school must get smaller, and that means a group of us must leave our BCS community to join another school or group of schools.  So by its very nature, the whole discussion surrounding the remedy we need can be polarizing and extremely painful -- and that is the issue on which I am focused.  As I listen, answer questions and speak with many of you, it is clear that parents care deeply about how the potential changes affect their children academically, which is the first priority for any school.  I remain confident that your children will continue to receive a high-quality education wherever they go next year; we have fostered tremendous learners at BCS and that won’t change.

The difficulty for all of us is figuring out how whatever option the school board settles on might impact individual students and families, as well as the broader BCS community: the relationships of families, teachers, students and neighbors to each other. I have come to appreciate that good people can debate, challenge, and disagree, but at the end of the day, they can come together to ensure the success of all.  I anticipate this is what will happen here, as well.   The collective strength and support of the BCS parent community is inspiring, and I would hate to see it weaken this year or next.  Other schools often look to us as a change leader, and we may once again play that role.  I know we can rise to the occasion once more and do what we must to ensure the success of all schools in our community throughout any transition, especially with those moving from BCS.

As the principal of this school today, my role is to ensure that once the decision is made, we do everything we can to see that it is implemented well, and that our students are given every opportunity to succeed in their new environment.  Teachers will also need assistance to understand new roles and spaces for many, if not all of them.  Students will need to understand where they are going, why and who they will be going with. While children are often the most adaptable to change, there could be many details to wade through as building assignments, bus routes and teachers could all change next year. They will follow the lead of the adults around them in understanding and accepting these changes, so it is important that we all do our best. 

As we move forward, it’s critically important that every member of the BCS community help to protect and promote our values of engagement, empowerment of students and stewardship. This is not the first time we have experienced boundary and/or building changes, nor will it be the last.  Without question, things will look different next year than they do today. We will meet the change knowing that it is built on the strong educational and community foundation of excellence we have built together over the past seven years.

Whether we become Beverly Cleary Middle School or we remain Beverly Cleary K-8, I have the utmost confidence that we will be united in our mission to provide academic excellence in a caring community. 

With optimism for the opportunities that await us,

Teri Geist


Cleary Calendar

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November 24, 2015
Fourth grade students in Chinese immersion at Woodstock School.

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Bond progress update, Fall 2015

November 24, 2015
A group of Roosevelt students receive an up close view of the construction process in early November.

The first new high school buildings in nearly 50 years are starting to rise out of the ground at both Roosevelt and Franklin high schools and master planning is progressing for Grant and about to launch for Benson, Lincoln and Madison high schools.


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November 24, 2015

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