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Heather Vinal

Hailing from Maine originally. I have a love of the natural world built right in. From the Appalachian Trail to the Atlantic Ocean, I’ve experienced the majesty of the outdoors. My curiosity to find out how the natural world works was inspired in childhood. Oregon was a logical choice after being in Maine; the Columbia Gorge, Mt Hood, The Pacific Ocean are all beautiful places to spend time.

I’ve been a science teacher for about 14 years here in Portland Public Schools. I’ve taught middle school students for most of my career. The last few years I’ve been working to train teachers in various science and language contents as a TOSA (Teacher on Special Assignment). I chose to return to the classroom because I couldn’t stand learning about these new strategies for teaching and the curriculum without being able to work with the students myself. I had to come back!

As you can tell I’m very excited to be back in the classroom. I look forward to meeting the Beaumont community. Please stop by and say hello. Room 134, my door is always open.

My e-mail address is hvinal@pps.net