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Moving Files Between Home & School

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Due to different programs, and types of technology, some students encounter problems when working on the same file at home and at school. By the end of the 2012-13 school year, all PPS students should have PPS e-mail accounts and access to their own commercial-free MS SkyDrive. Until then, this page offers a few tips on how to make this process easier.

First, some general things to consider:

  • Consider using a cloud-based editor like GoogleDocs or OfficeLive. These programs have a uniform format that can be used on any computer with an Internet connection.
  • If you can afford a portable USB flash drive you can save your work to it. Anything over 1GB of memory will be fine; you might want to get one that is 4GB or larger if you create a lot of video files. AND DON'T LOSE YOUR DEVICE!
  • A good alternative to having a USB drive is to use your PPS Y-Drive (see instructions below) or send yourself a copy of the file attached to an e-mail.
  • If you have MSOffice 2010 at home, these files (for example: .docx) will not open on older versions of MSOfiice. You can easily downgrade the file AT HOME by using the "Save As" feature and then in the "Save as type:" window select "Office 97-2003 Document" or "Rich Text Format" (for editing) or PDF (for printing).
  • When sending files to teachers for turn-in, and you are not submitting through SkyDrive, you may want to send it as a PDF. This will ensure all of your fonts and formats appear on the teacher's computer.
  • If your teacher does not give you a prescribed way to name files you should make it a habit to include your name in the file name. Your teacher may receive 5 files named "Egypt Project" but only one named "JSmithEgyptProject".

Accessing Your Y-Drive at Home

PPS Online File Access: http://files.pps.k12.or.us/

Please Note: PPS is currently transitioning to the MSLive system. By the end of the 2012-13 school year all PPS students should have a PPS e-mail account and their own commercial-free SkyDrive. This will eliminate the need for PPS to maintain student Y-Drives. Student Y-Drives will begin to be phased out when the SkyDrive transition is complete.

About Your Y Drive:

Files saved to your Y Drive are Web-based (cloud computing), you can access them from any computer, anywhere, anytime.

To Retrieve Documents from Your Y Drive (outside of school):

Open a Web Browser – i.e. Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer

  1. Type in the following URL: files.pps.k12.or.us
  2. In the top, right-hand corner, open: “FILES LOGIN”
  3. Log on
  4. Double-click on your “Y” Drive
  5. Double-click on the document
  6. You may need to deal with a security blocker to open – see note below*
  7. There may be an “open with” option for program i.e. Word (Office in Linux)
  8. Open – the document will open as “read only” in a temp. folder
  9. Go to File, Save As – and save your document to the desktop
  10. Minimize NetStorage
  11. Find and Open your document on your desktop – work on document, then Save
  12. (This Save does NOT update the version on your Y Drive. Follow the instructions below to update your Y-Drive file.)

To Save Documents to your Y Drive (outside of school):

  1. Re-open NetStorage from Taskbar (blue bar at bottom of screen)
  2. File, Upload*
  3. You may need to deal with a security blocker to open – see note below*
  4. Browse, Look In: Desktop, double-click on your document
  5. Upload (make sure “Overwrite existing files” is checked)

*Security Blocker:

Usually appears in area under Address Bar - Here are some options:

  1. If asked, “Do you want to allow pop-ups from this site” – answer, “Yes”
  2. Or - Open document while holding the “Ctrl” key (this works on any blocked pop-up)
  3. Or – Using Firefox – right-hand side of yellow bar “options” choose “Allow pop-ups…”
  4. Or - Open Tools, Open “Pop-up Blocker” “Turn On Pop-Up Blocker” should be listed (which means the pop-up blocker is turned off)
  5. Or - Open Tools, Internet Options, Privacy, “Block Pop-Ups” should NOT be checked
  6. Or -Un-install any toolbars (Google, Yahoo, etc.) or r/click in blank area to the right of “Help” and un-check Google or Yahoo toolbars if listed