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Backstage Pass

Backstage Pass - The Self Manager Program

The Backstage Pass (BSP) is awarded to students who demonstrate not only academic success but also demonstrate the skills necessary to be a successful student. At the end of each quarter, students can apply for a Backstage Pass. Students who are passing all their classes, have demonstrated school appropriate behavior, and are strong self-managers are eligible to receive this pass.

BSP Students wear dog tags with colored silencers. The color signifies the grade level they earned the pass (many students leave Beaumont with 3 different dog tags-one for each year!)

Backstage Pass owners receive a number of small privileges and random rewards throughout the year in addition to participating in fun activities and special field trips at the end of each quarter. BSP Students also receive discounted admission to all Beaumont School Dances.

Students can lose their BSP if their behavior or grades slip. If a student loses their BSP they may be eligible to apply again at the end of the next quarter.

The Backstage Pass program is coordinated by Ms. Dunn.