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WEB Leaders

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The 8th Grade Leadership Program

WEB Leaders are hardworking and enthusiastic young men and women who are ready to take on a strong and supportive leadership role at Beaumont.

They train for 2 days during the summer to prepare for mentoring our new 6th graders. WEB Leaders provide a lot of support to our 6th Graders during the first few days of school. Then periodically throughout the year they check-in to make sure the 6th Graders are "learning the ropes" of Beaumont.

WEB Leaders serve as tour guides and "information kiosks" during visitor events such as Back to School Night and Open House. They plan and organize the School Spirit Week as well as the Haunted House during our annual Harvest Festival in October.

Applications to become a WEB Leader are available in the Spring of your 7th Grade year. To be selected, students must complete the application, get teacher recommendation, and then participate in a series of team-building exercises.

The WEB Leader program is supervised by Ms. Dunn and Ms. Simpson.