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Donald Rose

picture of donald rose

My name is Donald Rose. I teach 8th Grade Core and Elective.

My teaching philosophy:

My focus as a teacher is based on creating a learning community in which every student feels like they belong. This sense of belonging helps all of us to push our cognitive boundaries and creative abilities. Also, students need to be engaged with all their senses and intelligences. When planning a lesson, it's easy to ask students to open a book, read a portion and write about it, but many of my students will not benefit as fully as they could have if they were asked to connect to the material in a different way. Learners debate. Learners act. They draw. Learners play with ideas and make them their own. Our ultimate goal as teachers is to have our students internalize their learning; to adapt the knowledge we have constructed together and make it their own.

A wee bit about me:

My name is Donald Rose. I am a first generation Scottish American. Portland is my hometown. I enjoy weightlifting, cooking, laughing, sleeping and reading. My door is always open, stop by and say hello.

I can be reached at drose@pps.net

View our class blog at http://www.rosecore08.wordpress.com