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Matthew Moule

Mr. Moule
Matthew Malcolm Moule here, the purveyor of "The Palace of Learning and Fun." I'm glad you are checking out Beaumont's website, you even made it to mine. 

I teach 7th grade Physical Science... essentially, I get to engage kids with fun science labs and concepts every day that I go to work. This is my 19th year teaching! I feel myself aging as I realize that. I taught in the Bay Area of California for two years before teaching one year at Mono Lake, CA, the most amazing place on earth. I then was the education director for a wilderness program in southern Utah before moving to Portland. I taught 4 years at Whitaker, and am on my 11th year here at Beaumont. 

In my time away from school, I am quite busy with my family, working on my house or yard, playing disc golf, mountain biking, stuffing my face with good food, hiking, skiing, acting like a juvenile while playing adult league kickball, or simply relaxing. 

Check Synergy for assignment and grade information.
Check http://moule.wikispaces.com/  for other communication and links to assignments.
Contact me at mmoule@pps.net