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8th Grade Core

Early American Debate

In 8th Grade Core students complete the 3-year process of transition from elementary school to high school. 8th Grade Core students spend just 3 periods out of their day with their Core Teacher and spend more time rotating to different teachers and classrooms. 8th Grade Core Teachers use their time as a final check to make sure that students are ready for the next step in their academic careers. A stronger focus on critical thinking, personal accountability, and clear voice permeates 8th Grade Core.

Major Areas of study in 8th Grade Core include:

  • Our Colonial Heritage
  • Revolution in the Colonies
  • Forming a New Nation
  • The Republic & Westward Expansion
  • The Union Challenged
  • Migration & Industrial Revolution
  • The Voice of the People

There are currently three 8th Grade Cores. These Core Classes are led by:

  • Jennifer Bennett
  • Brandan McClain
  • Valerie Turner