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Lynnette Wortham

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Hello! My name is C. Lynnette Wortham. I'm a native Oregonian and cannot imagine living anywhere other than the great, Pacific Northwest. Though culturally, my family is distinctly Louisiana Creole. I love all genres of music (especially zydeco), playing piano, guitar, and writing both poetry and prose. I attended Portland State University and Lewis and Clark (frequently returning for updates in educational pedagogy).

Teaching 7th grade core class is my life (at least from August through June--smile) and I've had the privilege to be at Beaumont Middle School since the 2000-2001 school year. I have however, been a full time middle school teacher in the district for more than twenty-six years now. Truly, I find this age group fascinating!

My primary job as educator, I know, is to ensure a safe environment that stimulates learning, but that alone wouldn't be enough to interest me in coming to class each day. I suspect that my kids expect more--and rightly so. It's important that everyone feels that their presence and participation is an integral component to the success of our class; thus students have a voice in planning book projects and are given multiple choice activities to demonstrate mastery of skills covered with each integrated unit of study. In addition, students evaluate why the concept of "tolerance" is something avoided at all cost in my class, and instead--replaced with the perception that studying variances in culture only adds an enriching life experience to our own. They examine various perspectives throughout history, and ultimately conclude that judging situations through one specific cultural lens may not always provide accuracy.

We're all life-long learners, and frankly, I believe that can be a blast! So, laissez les bons temps rouler!

Please contact me at cwortham@pps.net and visit class any time!

Visit Ms. Wortham's website at www.msworthamsroom.com