Portland Public Schools
Portland, Oregon

Beaumont Middle School

Academic Achievement,
Situationally-Appropriate Behavior Everyone!

4043 NE Fremont | Portland, OR 97212
Phone: (503) 916-5610 | Fax: (503) 916-2609

Regular Daily Schedule

9:00 First Bell
9:10-10:10 1st Period
10:13-11:08 2nd Period
11:11-12:06 3rd Period
12:09-1:04 4th Period
12:09-12:50 Lunch 1
1:07-1:48 Lunch 2
12:54-1:48 5th Period
1:52-2:47 6th Period
2:50-3:45 7th Period


Late Open Schedule*

11:00 First Bell
11:10-11:49 1st Period
11:52-12:28 2nd Period
12:31-1:07 3rd Period
1:11-1:47 4th Period
1:11-1:46 Lunch 1
1:50-2:25 Lunch 2
1:50-2:26 5th Period
2:29-3:05 6th Period
3:09-3:45 7th Period

The Students' Day

teacher and class

The school day runs from 9:10 to 3:45. Students are allowed into the building when the first bell rings at 9:00. (Many teachers offer a morning study hall; students with permission to attend morning study hall may enter the building early and go directly to their classroom.)

All students are expected to be in their seats ready for 1st Period at 9:10. (Students who arrive before 9:00 are welcome to be in the cafeteria. The cafeteria opens at 8:40 each morning.)

The student day is filled with a variety of challenging coursework. Depending on the day, grade-level, and the individual Core teacher the actual amount of time devoted specifically to each subject will vary. In general, a student at Beaumont Middle School can expect the following courses to appear on their schedule.

6th Grade: Math, Life Science, Ancient History, Literature, Writing, Elective Rotation*, & Physical Education

7th Grade: Math, Physical Science, Medieval History, Language Arts, Physical Education, & 1 Elective*

8th Grade: Math, Earth Science, Early US History, Language Arts, 2 Electives*

*Electives are grade level specific, and vary from year to year.

*Late Open Schedule

The 2-hour late open schedule includes late opening due to inclement weather as well as district scheduled Wednesday Late Open days.

Wednesday Late Open days for the 2014-15 School Year are:

SEP 17, OCT 15, DEC 17, JAN 21, FEB 18, MAR 18, APR 15, & MAY 20.