Portland Public Schools
Portland, Oregon

Beaumont Middle School

Academic Achievement,
Situationally-Appropriate Behavior Everyone!

4043 NE Fremont | Portland, OR 97212
Phone: (503) 916-5610 | Fax: (503) 916-2609

PTA Goals

Build Community.

Bring volunteers into the school.

Raise money for arts, technology, and instruction.


Simple but essential.  Those are the goals of the PTA.


We help make middle school fun and memorable:

School dances, candy grams, the food drive, the Grant Scrimmage Event, the All School Party in October, Student Store, 8th Grade Celebration.  You name it, we’re there helping with volunteers, funding, whatever we can provide.  We bring the students, staff, and parents together to enrich everyone’s experience!


We help volunteers shine:

Work in the Student Store, chaperone a dance, run the Bingo station at the October All School Party, work in the office, help maintain the grounds – the opportunities are endless!  And most take so little of your time.


Parent and community involvement is one of the indicators of a strong learning community.  Join us and be a presence in your child’s academic life!


We raise funds for resources and programs with enrich Beaumont:

Our financial goals this year are to fund the 8th grade drama production and support instruction with teacher grants.


Scrip, restaurant nights (Pizzicato, Radio Room, Papa Murphy’s), membership dues – please help us raise the money to meet our goals!