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Bebop Music Parents proudly support the music program at Beaumont Middle School. Music electives include four levels of band - Cadet, Wonder, Concert, and Symphonic. Beaumont Voices (Choir) consists of Seventh and Eighth Graders. Additionally, jazz bands meet before school.

Seventh and eighth grade bands combine each year to form a marching band for the Hollywood Veterans Day Parade.  This year's parade is Tuesday, November 11. Beaumont also marches every other year in the Junior Rose Festival Parade.  Beaumont attends next in 2016. All students are expected to attend, so mark your calendar now.

Please check the Calendar often for upcoming events and information. For more information about the band program, please contact Cynthia Plank.

Explore the program through the following links:

  • Calendar provides event lists for the entire program and individual groups plus monthly calendars.
  • Bebop Parent Group provides information on planning and volunteer efforts.
  • Wish List provides information on needed items.
  • Information and Resources provides information on YahooGroups mailings, practice records, the band handbook, and internet links.
  • Mrs. Plank's Events provides information on performances with her adult groups.
  • Music News provides details on upcoming events, awards, and other items.

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