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Meeting Minutes

Beaumont Friends of Music is the parent support group for the music program. The dedication of this group is what keeps the bands functioning at the high level they have attained. All parents are encouraged to be involved - there are tasks for any level of support.

Monthly Meeting Minutes

March 2010

Monday, April 5th--Milo's Soup and Salad Night

  • Musicians will put instrument cases in room 20 (the small room just inside the doors by the pencil gate) and tune up quietly. NO playing or run-throughs, please.
  • Musicians will play on the stage (or on a small riser platform in front of the stage) in the new gym
  • Chairs will be placed in front of the stage for spectators
  • Performers line up and quietly wait their turn
  • Curtains will be hung just inside gym door and lights will be turned down to lend "atmosphere"
  • We need a monitor in room 20 to maintain quiet, a monitor in the lobby to direct people to food or music and maintain quiet, keep kids from running in and out, and a monitor at stage entrance to maintain quiet and direct the kids.
  • Ticket takers will be inside the cafeteria so that people can enter from either side.
  • Lemonade will be pre-mixed and in pitchers and put on tables to avoid long lines for lemonade.
  • We will play band CD's in the cafeteria during dinner

Here are the volunteer opportunities:

SET-UP 4-5 pm

  • 2-3 volunteers for chairs, tables, signs, etc.
  • 2 kitchen volunteers for cookie baking and bread slicing

DINNER SHIFTS 3 shifts: 5-6 pm, 6-7 pm, 7-8 pm

  • 2-3 money takers per shift (6-9 people)
  • 5 kitchen servers per shift (15 people)
  • 2-3 lemonade mixers/servers per shift (6-9 people)
  • 1 warm-up room monitor per shift (3 people)
  • 1 performance stage manager per shift (3 people)
  • 1 lobby monitor per shift (3 people)

(This includes the gym as well as the cafeteria)

  • 4 volunteers

Wednesday, April 14th ---Ambassadors to U of P competition

  • Mrs. Plank has and will send time we need to leave and play
  • We have a one way bus to U of P. Arrangements need to be made to pick up your students.
  • Awards are presented at approx. 5 pm.
  • We need to bring vibes, congas, timbales, the "brief case", cymbal bag, mute box.
  • We are thinking about putting all trumpets on step stools.

A suggestion was made that we have a check list of all things that we take so we have an inventory when we leave school as well as when we leave the event.

We are NOT going to Cleveland High School on April 24th.

Saturday, May 8th--Mt. Hood Jazz Festival
-discussion at next meeting

Thursday, May 20th--All Band Spring Concert
-discussion at next meeting

Wednesday, May 26th- Jimmy Mak's
-Discussion at next meeting

Saturday, June 5h-Ambassadors End-Of-Year Party
-Details coming

Wednesday, June 9th -Jr. Rose Festival Parade

  • Student to wear Hawaiian print shirts...this means button-down, short-sleeved shirts, NOT tank tops with flowers!
  • More details to follow



February 2010

Friday, February 26th
Symphonic Band and Jazz Ambassadors to Warner-Pacific
11:00 am-kids arrive at band room and load out
11:30- kids to cafeteria to eat
12:00- kids get on bus to leave.
1:45- Symphonic Band plays
2:45- Jazz Ambassadors play
3:50- bus returns kids to school

Vonda Persijn, Mike McLafferty, Terry Gariety, Laurie and Charlie Roberts will be going.

Vonda Persijn (Jana and Peter Sherman) will stay at Warner to pick up any awards. Elizabeth Sherman will arrive around 4:00pm.
Mike McLafferty and Owen may be staying as well.

Party at Gustav's around 5-5:30.

Sunday, February 28th
Jazz Ambassadors play at PCPA-Brunish Hall
11:00 am- arrive and unload on Park St. side.
12:00 - 12:45- Play their set

Parking available on 10th and Yamhill but also on 6th ave. between Salmon and Main. (There is a McDonald's on the corner)

Thursday, March 4th
7th and 8th graders play in the pep band for the Student vs. Staff Basketball game.

Thursday, March 11th
10:00- Jazz bands play for Grandparents Day

Friday, March 12-
Jazz Ambassadors play at Clackamas CC Competition.
7:00 am- meet at school
8:00 am- be on bus (hoping we have a bus)
9:00- warm-up
9:20- perform
???- return to school

Sunday, March 14th-
4:00 pm Band Meeting at Doc George's OR Lauelwood Pub to plan Soup and Salad Night on April 5th.

Wednesday, June 9
Junior Rose Festival Parade

  • Time TBA
  • Students to wear blue jeans and Hawaii print shirts. Send out email to 7th/8th grade bands to see if people have any shirts already. Then we will start shopping for more!
  • Jane McFarland to look into ordering LARGE sunglasses for students to wear.
  • Students to wear leis
  • Ask Beaumont Cheer to participate and perhaps wear grass skirts
  • there will be NO SHOE TAPING
  • Band will play It's A Grand Old Flag and Hawaii 5-O
  • We need to figure out how to keep kids hydrated. Suggestion included wagon with paper cups and gallons of water.


February 2009

6 parents, 1 student and Mrs. Plank and Corey attended.

Thursday, February 26-
---Symphonic Band to Grant Cluster Band Concert at Grant High School
4 parent chaperones needed in the Grant cafeteria at 6:00.

Friday, February 27-
---Jazz Ambassadors and Symphonic Band to Warner Pacific Band Festival
Please arrive at school by 7:15 am. Load buses 7:30. Return to school about 1:30 pm.
5 parent chaperones ar needed to ride the buses. BRING A LUNCH, NOT MONEY.

Thursday, March 5-
---Pep Band to play at the Staff vs. 8th grade Basketball Game
Mrs. Plank is also going to ask concert band members to play. This is a fundraiser for the PTA.
Arrive at 6:30. Pregame music at 6:45
Game starts at 7:00.

Friday, March 6-
---Bobcats and JAzz ambassadors to play in the Jazz Celebration Concert at Grant High School
Jazz Combo arrive at 5:45. They will be playing in the lobby before the concert.
Bobcats arrive at 5:45 to tune up in the cafeteria
Ambassadors arrive at 6:00 to tune up in the cafeteria

Concert starts at 6:30 with the Bobcats.

PARENT volunteers needed for:

  • 4:00 pm at Beaumont to load drums and misc items and take to Grant (Vonda Persijn will provide vehicle)
  • Charlie Roberts will assist Jazz Combo.
  • 4-5 more parent chaperones needed in cafeteria for warmups
  • Terri Wanke will help with selling concessions and will find out more information from Grant parents. At least one more parent from Beaumont needed to assist with this.
  • Elizabeth Sherman is available.

Tickets for this event have already gone home! Check student backpacks.

You don't want to miss this concert. Our own Mrs. Plank will be singing with the Portland Jazz Orchestra!!
Be sure to bring a good seat cushion, or plan to rent one from the Grant Band Boosters. If you have never been to Grant Auditorium, the seats are very hard and get uncomfortable quickly. Pizza combo dinner available- pizza, drink and cookie for $3.00. Extra slice $2.00.

Tuesday, March 10-
---Bobcats and ambassadors and their parents are invited to an evening at Jimmy Mak's. Both bands play there May 28th and we thought it would be fun to have the students get a feel for where they will be playing AND to show support to a business that is supporting our band program. The food is good, and there's lots of good seating. Cover charge is $6.00. Music starts at 8:00, but we'll want to get there no later than 7:30 to get tables. I will need an RSVP from families so I can tell the restaurant how many are coming.

Thursday, March 12-
---Grandparents Day/Science Fair Day Bobcats and Ambassadors to entertain. 10:00 am.