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Scrip is Easy.

Scrip Doesn't Cost You Extra.

Scrip Brings in Big Bucks for Beaumont!

There is no cost to you! Simply purchase scrip cards from the Beaumont PTA for groceries, clothing, coffee, movie tickets, and whatever you’re buying anyway. We purchase the cards at a discount and keep the difference. The merchant makes the donation to Beaumont, and you get full face value of your purchase.

Scrip is a proven fundraising program used by many other schools in Portland and organizations all across the country.

Plus, all of the money raised by scrip stays at Beaumont to fund technology upgrades, grants for teacher materials, and arts programs, including the 8th grade drama production.

Please help us to increase the resources available to Beaumont students by participating!

It's Easy to Do! Here’s How:

1.           Complete a scrip release form / formulario de autorización scrip. We must have a signed release form included with your first order.

2.           Complete a scrip order form / formulario para ordenar scrip, noting specific denominations. Orders must be accompanied by either a check payable to Beaumont PTA, or cash ($25 fee for all returned checks).

3.           Place the Scrip Order form and check in an envelope marked Beaumont Scrip. You will receive a reusable scrip envelope with your first order.

4.           You or your student may drop off your order in the office any time to be included in the next scrip monthly order. Orders must be received by NOON on the first Monday of the month. Exact dates are:

1.                September 14

2.                October 5

3.                November 2 & 16 (Bonus)

4.                December 7 & 14 (Bonus)

5.                January 4

6.                February 1

7.                March 7

8.                April 4

9.                May 2 & 14 (Bonus)

5.           Scrip is available for pick up in the school office after 3:45pm Thursday of the order week.

  Scrip FAQ

Scrip makes a great gift anytime! For more information, contact: Rachel Clark 503-310-1756 beaumontscrip@gmail.com