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Beaumont Foundation

The Beaumont Foundation raises funds to pay for staffing beyond what is funded by PPS.  PPS students benefit from the additional financial support received from Foundation contributions.  In 2014-15, our Foundation raised $64,916.14 dollars.  At Beaumont, these funds help provide a full day of music, Spanish and French for 8th graders, and a whole host of other very creative and interesting electives this year.    

Please include a monthly contribution to the Foundation in your household budget.  Establishing a recurring monthly contribution of $5, $10, or more allows you to finance your tax-deductible contribution across the year, at a level you can afford. 

There are two ways to make your donation:
(1) Send a check to the office, payable to "Beaumont Foundation"
(2) Go to www.AllHandsRaised.org (make sure to click on "Beaumont MS" as the recipient)

Thank you for your support,
The Beaumont Foundation Committee

What is the Beaumont Foundation?

Click here to learn about the Beaumont Foundation.