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Academic Achievement,
Situationally-Appropriate Behavior Everyone!

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Academic Achievement, Situationally Appropriate Behavior for Everyone (AASABE)

AASABE is our school motto. It guides our expectations for students and staff and draws on support from families and the community. Administrators, staff and students developed this motto as part of a "visioning" process and it has been used as a teaching and behavioral guidance tool for years.

To explain a bit more:

Academic Achievement means more than grades and test scores. It means a commitment to helping each student progress and an expectation that every student will make an effort to learn.

We talk a lot about defining Situationally Appropriate Behaviors, helping students understand that there's a way you act in school that is likely different from how you act outside or even at home.

These concepts apply to Everyone in our building, no matter what age, race, economic situation or gender. Everyone counts at Beaumont.

School Culture & Climate

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    Beaumont Is Middle School Excellence

    The middle school years are a time of immense change for students. Understanding and channeling these changes for positive growth is our role at Beaumont. Our staff enjoys working with this age. We continuously challenge ourselves to provide instruction, activities, and support that help students learn, grown, and feel good about their own abilities and relationships.

    The culture at Beaumont is defined by AASABE, which means Academic Achievement, Situationally Appropriate Behavior for Everyone. This motto is wrapped into three priorities.

    Academic Achievement—Our focus is on success for every child. We monitor and support student progress regularly. Our test scores are at the highest point in the school history. Our success is based on providing challenging, rigorous coursework that keeps students striving to be their best.

    Diversity—Beaumont is an economically and racially diverse learning community. This blend helps all students understand and enjoy peers from different background, and prepares them to live in an increasingly multi-cultural environment.

    Preparation—Beaumont prepares students for high school, both academically and socially. We provide a positive and thoughtful transition between elementary and high school. Beaumont is a safe and nurturing environment where students gradually assume more responsibility and independence.