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Extra Credit Policy and Options

Extra Credit Policy:   If you want extra credit, then you should be putting tons of extra effort into the following things: your classwork, writer's notebook, your book projects/reviews, and your writer's workshop pieces. If you want a good grade in my class, you should pay attention during lessons, actively study, turn in quality work, redo any assignment (not a test or quiz) for an averaged grade.  If I see you slacking off with any of those class requirements, then extra credit is not an option that will be available to you.  I will offer extra credit, but you must be earning it all along, not wait until the last few weeks of the term or last few weeks of school.    If you expect me to boost your overall grade, then I better see evidence that you participated in class and worked hard on assignments all term. You will not earn extra credit for poorly done assignments, so put the effort in the beginning to save yourself time and heartache. Points are assigned at the discretion of the teacher and I will not accept extra credit the last three weeks of a term.




Extra Credit