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Ms. MacK's Math Classes

Please visit my new website to find up to date information

2014-15 school year ~ ACCESS at RCP!

Our AMC 8 tests have been received and will be scored during the next two weeks.  I will release the scores as soon as I get the results.   

 AMC Practice website click here

Current Unit Assignment Sheets:

CY2:  Ch 5 Ch 6

Advanced Algebra: Ch 2&5       
Ch 4

Transforming Functions help

GRADES: Please see synergy for current grades, 
or e-mail 
amackinn@pps.net for more details.  

Mr. Lanners website

This year I'm teaching Algebra II, and CY2 which contains 8th and 9th grade standards. Successfully completing these courses earn students one hs credit.

High school credit opt-out: If your child is earning a grade that your family does NOT want on their transcript, please complete the opt-out form (see our counselor) so that the class does not count towards HS GPA. If a student earns a D/F in the class they're automatically opted out. 

School Supplies for 2014-2015:  For math class, you'll need pencils, a graph paper notebook (l like the mead 5 star because it has a folder with a pocket and good graph paper).  You'll likely go through two during the year. 

The following websites are awesome!  Check them out...

Conic Sections Overview: http://nrich.maths.org/1486 
& Hyperbola Explained


Check out this video on logarithms; Check out this video on sections of the cube


Advanced Algebra 3D Grapher (go to cpm.org and look under student resources then technology resources)

  Geom students, please check out the following
website  Math open ref   



Syllabi 2012/13:  CY2 (Algebra) 2012/13;  Geometry 2012/13Algebra II 2012/13

Assessing Learning:  Besides informal daily assessments, students are assessed at the end of each unit.  Students are offered first, a team test, and then an individual test.  Both are scored using a 4 pt. scales modeled after the Oregon State Problem Solving Scoring Guide and the proficiency scale.  Here is a link to my test guidelines, including how to make test corrections, and a generic math grading rubric.  Making test corrections is highly suggested but not required.


Class Information

Math Competitions - We participate in both AMC 8 and Mathcounts and possibly AMC 10.  AMC8 is November 13, 2012.  It is a 40 minute- 25 question multiple choice test on middle school topics.  The test will occur during the school day and there are practice worksheets available in my classroom in a self-service bin.  As for Mathcounts, we usually begin practicing in the winter (December).  Any student in grades 6-8 are invited to participate in Mathcounts.  Its a timed team competition held on a Saturday in mid-February.  Practice worksheets are always available as well.

Common Core State Standards (CCSS)The state of Oregon is currently in the process of adopting new standards for mathematics, the CCSS.  By 2014, all students will be tested on these standards.  Please visit the ODE website on mathematics for more information on our current math standards and links to the CCSS's.  
    Currently, the district has begun the process of aligning our curriculum with these new standards and have completed this process through grade 9.  Please visit the following websites for additional information:

Common Core State Standards
CCSS Mathematics Appendix A
Education Northwest
National PTA

Supplies:  Many supplies are helpful to have in the classroom, such as: tape, glue sticks, rulers, markers, colored pencils, erasers, scissors, however, I keep many of these on hand.  The MOST important item for students to bring everyday and for families to donate to the classroom are pencils!  Please consider the Dixon Ticonderoga brand as they are the most durable.  The second most helpful thing to have is graph paper.  We use a lot of it during the year and I suggest each student use a Mead 5-Star spiral quad rule notebook for daily work. 

Homework:  Students use their assignment record sheet for that and daily assignments are posted in the classroom.  Typically, daily homework is the Review & Preview  from the textbook section we're worked on in class that day.  Students recieve 2 points for each homework assignment. Occasionally, students will be assigned a worksheet for additional practice or a project they may need to work on at home as well as in class.

  • Homework Help: HOTMATH for a fee $$$.
  • Textbook and Curriculum information for parents and students: CPM - College Preperatory Mathematics (the district adopeted textbooks for high school level math)

    Mathazine - We hope to create a Mathazine each spring.  The Mathazine is a student created Zine that works to apply writing across content by having students write articles for fellow students about mathematics. 

  • Ms. Amy MacKinnon

    picture of oskar
    Oskar James Dillon

    ACCESS Advanced Mathematics email: amackinn@pps.net
    Algebra ~ Geometry ~ Advanced Algebra

    Curriculum Map 09/10

    My favorite things are ladybugs, brownies, movies, cooking, bikes, shopping,  MATH, and of course OSKAR!

    I am originally from Juneau, Alaska and I moved to Portland to attend Portland State University.  I earned my Bachelors of Science in Mathematics in 2002 and went on to earn my Masters in Education in 2003.  My first job was teaching Geometry at Roosevelt High School.  I then traveled to Spain and lived abroad teaching English for 1 year.  When I returned to Oregon, I started working with the ACCESS program and have enjoyed my time here ever since.  In 2008, I earned my Masters of Science in Teaching Mathematics from PSU after writing a thesis paper on "Ten Ways to Calculate the Area of a Traingle".  

    Teaching and learning mathematics is my passion and I work to nurture that passion in each of my students everyday.  I believe that everyone can do math and that students should be working at the level of math they are ready for, regardless of their age.  This is an opportunity we can provide at ACCESS.